Kim’s Philosophy for Success in 2020: Build on Small Wins

As we’re now halfway through the rollercoaster that is 2020, I wanted to share with you my updated philosophy for the year:

Build on small wins.

Everyone has a rough go of it this year. Some of us more than others! After my personal challenges in February (hello a month of Influenza A and morning sickness) I felt like my momentum would NEVER recover.

I know I wasn’t the only one who felt like throwing in the towel 60 or 90 days into 2020.

But today, June 30, I feel full of possibility for the six months ahead. I feel like challenges are coming (because that’s life) but that I’ll rise to meet them – instead of being flattened.

So what changed?

I’ve been building on small wins.

And, my friend, sometimes those wins have been microscopic!

  • Folded a load of laundry (while feeling like crap) – CELEBRATE!
  • Sold a “Publish Your Cookbook Workbook” – CELEBRATE!
  • Finally sent off that nagging legal thing (today) – CELEBRATE!
  • Wrote for 15 minutes on my book – CELEBRATE!
  • Kid went to bed on time WITH eating a real dinner and taking a bath – CELEBRATE!
  • Every ticket sale to my life event – CELEBRATE!
  • Pulled out the trashcan for trash day – CELEBRATE!
  • Sold some stuff on Craigslist – CELEBRATE!

I know that all too often we’re only looking at the BIG wins:

  • FINISHING the book (not just writing on it for the 10th day in a row)
  • LANDING the huge client (not just selling one more small course)
  • DECLUTTERING the whole house (not just re-organizing the bookshelves)

And big wins do matter.

But if your life was anything like mine, it felt like big wins were few and far between. (Or even absent entirely!)

But when I started noticing and claiming the small wins, I created a foundation for myself. One that I could build on (and have been building on!)

So as we’re stepping into the second half of 2020, I invite you to reflect back on the past six months and search for your wins. (Even if, yes, you REALLY have to look for them!)

Make a list – see that as wonky as everything is, there has been a lot of successes.

And then make a plan to build from those small wins!

Kim Galloway
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