It’s Your Business – 3 Steps to Tell the World!

When is the last time you actually TOLD people what it is that you do? I’m asking because I had an eye-opening experience at a business retreat this past weekend when a friend of mine purchased a book publishing package.

And not from me.

Before I got my blood pressure up, I thought about it. This is a real friend so if she’s not buying from me, I must be doing something wrong. So what was I missing?

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When I asked her about it, it turns out, she thought I only did marketing copy! (Which I really only do for selective clients!)

Wow. Talk about an eye opener!

I realized I needed to step up my game and make sure that I’m conveying what I do – the transformation I offer – clearly. And to make sure that I keep telling people so it doesn’t get confused!
3 Step Challenge to communicate what you do to your clients.This is what is in my wheelhouse:

Intuitive Ghostwriting

There’s the way you write and the way I write – somewhere here is the perfect marriage of your thoughts and ideas with my writing skills. It might be my fingers on the keyboard but it’s your voice and message coming through loud & clear.

Available for books, articles, newsletters, and blogs.

Story Pathfinder

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees… You’re lost in the details – the trees – of your writing project and you can’t find your way. I’m here to hold the flashlight to guide you and your project to completion as well as show you the big picture.

One-on-one coaching and group workshops available.

New Frontier Publisher

This isn’t your Mama’s publishing world. Agents, NYC publishing houses, and annual royalty payments are a thing of the past. Welcome to the New Frontier of publishing! You don’t have to be scared of the dark — you’ve got an expert guide!

This includes editing manuscripts as well. I focus on non-fiction, business-building books but also edit and publish cookbooks, poetry, children’s books, and novels.

Here’s your 3-part challenge:

1. Think about your “elevator pitch” and decide if you need to freshen it up. Don’t forget to practice it so it sounds natural!

2. Reach out to your current list of prospects (send a newsletter!) and remind them of what your expertise is.

3. Go through the copy on your homepage (and the rest of your website!) and make sure it really reflects what you do.

If you need some fresh copy for your website, I’d love to chat with you!

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