It’s December – Time to Update Your Author Bio

If you’re like so many of us (me!), it was a chore the first time you wrote it. And the idea of gasp UPDATING it sounds even more onerous.

Get over it, friend!

Here are the trigger events that mean you need to update your author bio:

1.) You’ve released a new book.
New book = double check and update your bio. You’ll want to change how many books you’ve written and make sure that everything else is still current.

2.) You got a speaking gig

I was JUST on a podcast this morning – and listening to the host read my bio pointed out those places that are unclear and need to be updated. For example: it said I have 20 books that I’ve written (true) AND I’ll be releasing a new book later this month. Time to update!

3.) Major life change.
Your bio PROBABLY includes things like the general area where you live, who your family is, and what your hobbies are. So if your family changes (getting married OR divorced; welcoming a new kid or pet, etc.) it’s time to refresh your bio. Same goes if you’ve moved or picked up an interesting new hobby.

4.) You got new headshots!
Yes, that does deserve an exclamation point. I get it: getting new headshots done is a PITA. But you still need to do it every year or at least every two. I’m overdue for mine – the photos I’m using, while I LOVE them, are from before Small Thing was even born. That’s too long.

5.) Because it’s December.
Sorry, this tip is kinda a gimme. I’m going to tell you to update your bio at LEAST once a year so it always feels fresh. And since it’s December, that’s a good reason.

If you want to know HOW to write your author bio, check out my article: 7 rules for writing a kick-ass author bio!

And yes, I get it that updating your author bio can be as exciting as a root canal. But you still need it! That way, when somebody asks if they can quote you, re-publish one of YOUR articles, host you to their stage, or write an article about you, you can say yes and shoot off an email with your photo and bio.

It’s better to spend an afternoon working on this rather than have to dash off SOMETHING five minutes before a deadline!

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