Is This Mental Monster Eating You? Mental Monster #1

So you’re stuck on your book…


Here’s a hint:

It has NOTHING to do with lack of willpower. It’s not a habit that needs forming, it’s not that you’re stupid, it’s not that you need to just block out your calendar.


It’s because you’ve fallen victim to a Mental Monster. The beasties can crop up at any point in the writing process – sometimes alone and sometimes they bring a friend.

The good news?

There are only five Mental Monsters. Yes, for REAL. Your personal brand of worry, procrastination, freak-out, stress, avoidance, or other mental garbage will settle into just ONE of these five categories.

And the best news?

You can get rid of the Mental Monster. For good.

So to start out, grab a copy of “5 Mental Monsters that Keep You from Writing Your Book” so we’re on the same page. (It’s free.)

And then let’s dive deeper into Monster #1:

A Book Must Be Huge – at Least 300 Pages.

This monster says that in order to be taken seriously – by yourself and by your readers – you have to fill pages and pages. You have to write tens of thousands of words. You have to stare down this mountain – and write a huge book.

The idea of all those “miles” before you becomes completely overwhelming.

Deep breath.

Your book needs to be exactly as many words, as many pages, as you need to share THIS message. It’s not about shoving everything you know into one book; it’s about being tightly focused on THIS topic for THIS book and writing that.

How many pages will that be?

It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re focusing on one topic in your book and crafting your message around that!

Kim Galloway
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