Is the gate down on your marketing?

It’s the end of summer…

And here in Northern Arizona it means it’s mowing season. In the little town where I live, most people have acreage – anywhere from a half acre on up, with the median being around 2 acres. Add in that we’re in the High Desert and landscaping is usually left au natural – the brittle, low water, very-prickly tuft grass. The yards are typically mowed once, maybe twice, never more than three times a year.

All that tough grass and all those big yards equals one thing… riding lawnmowers.

Today, while the husband, son, and I were at the park for a mid-afternoon sunshine and smoothie break, we saw a truck towing a utility trailer with a mower in the trailer. Not an uncommon sight for this time of year.

What was uncommon was that the gate to his trailer was left down, making a horrible racket, shooting sparks off the road, and absolutely damaging (ruining) the gate. (We tried to flag him down but were just too far away.)

I don’t know how far he was going, but he went through the 4-way stop and carried on his gate-dragging, spark-throwing, ruining-that-trailer-gate way. And when he gets to his destination?

At best, he’ll have ground down the metal on the gate but the gate will still be usable.

Are you forgetting that you need to market your book? It's not too late to start promoting it! Share on XAt worse, it’ll need to be replaced. (And even worse—a fire sparked along his route!)

Which made me wonder:

  • Did he forget to put up the gate after loading the trailer?
  • Did he forget to latch it after putting it up?
    Or …
  • Did the latch fail somewhere along the way and he just didn’t notice?

So, what does this lawnmower-in-the-trailer story have to do with your book?

Because it’s a metaphor for how so many people market their books.

Your book is the vehicle for your message. Your book is the way that you’ve chosen to take your message to the world so that it can transform the life of anyone who reads it.

  • Did you forget about marketing entirely? (Or maybe you’re deciding to ignore it. Like the bill you hope that if you don’t open, will somehow pay itself.)
  • Did you think about it and then dismiss it?
  • Or did you try something, got lackluster results, and throw in the towel?

Take a deep breath.

Because I’m here, on the side of the road, flagging you down. And unlike the man with the trailer – I’m making damn sure you’re seeing me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re book is in the idea stage, writing stage, or already published—we need to talk about how to market your message to bestseller status. We need to have a committed conversation around how to get it out to the world.


Not later, when you’re paying for a costly mistake.
Not after you realize that there were people who really, REALLY needed your book’s message – and they never saw it. Or saw it too late to help them.
Not in the moment that you put aside your book as a pipe dream and spend the rest of your life wondering… what if.


You need to shelve the excuses (seriously, I’ve heard them ALL) and register to join me join me at “Your Bestseller – LIVE! Market Your Message to Bestseller Status” happening September 28-30, 3018 in Prescott, Arizona.

Because, my fellow author, it’s time to craft your message to change the world – and deliver it through a vehicle that has the potential to move beyond you, to have a life of its own, to create a movement out of your message.

It’s time for your message to be heard.
It’s time for your book.
It’s time for your best-selling book.

During this one-of-a-kind, interactive 3-day live event where you will learn:

  • Exactly what it takes to have a best-selling book and how it will open doors to media, speaking, and more clients.
  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • How to cash in on the momentum and excitement created by your bestseller launch so you can fill your events or programs with ease.
  • How to use your book to be seen as a marketplace expert – and leverage that into opportunities you never thought were possible.
  • Why it’s never too early to think about your marketing – even before the book is written – and how to leverage that plan into your writing.
  • The differences between a best-selling book launch and any other type of online launch.

You will leave this event transformed. Because you are uniquely gifted with a powerful message that will impact countless lives and change countless hearts. So let’s get this this show on the road. Register today – spaces are filling quickly and there is ONLY room for 8 more people at the event!

Reserve Your Seat.

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