Is “How To PUBLISH?” Keeping You Stuck?

Writing a book is unlike any other process.


Because you’ve got a series of “gates” to get through. Or thresholds to cross.

And while these are each distinct steps or processes, there is a LOT of bleed through.

(OMG I feel like I’m really mixing my metaphors today. Curse you, brain fog!)

So stick with me here:

The main reason YOU want to write a book is to help people.

Other reasons are dream fulfilment, be seen as an expert, get clients and speaking gigs, have passive income, etc.

So the idea/writing phase can feel easy.


When you realize that without knowing THIS thing in the editing, publishing, or marketing phase, you simply cannot go on.

And then you get stuck.

Friend, this is ME!

So much me.

One of my first mentors, Lisa Sasevich, was always saying that you build the plane as you fly it. You don’t HAVE to know all the details of every module in your course, when you’re having your calls, or how you’ll deliver the content. Just SELL the transformation and figure the rest out.


That “it’ll all work out” thinking does NOT work for everybody. I tried so hard to take her advice for my first seminar – back in September 2012. I tried So.Damn.Hard.


I couldn’t do it. I DID have to know some of the ins and outs, some of the hows and “what’s nexts” before I COULD focus on what I was doing.

Is that you?

If it is, that’s okay! If you’re mired in “how do I publish?” and it’s keeping you from WRITING, here is my two pieces of advice:

1. Buy my all-new product, “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit: Easily Format & Publish Your Book for Print & Kindle”

You need those questions answered? (Even if you’re TECHNICALLY not ready to publish?) Here’s your answer!

You’ll get:

  • Exactly how to set up your publishing accounts
  • A pre-formatted template for your book AND videos on how to USE it
  • System to make sure your text is beautiful and typo-free
  • Details on creating your book cover (hint: this is NOT a DIY thing)
  • How to actually GET your book onto Amazon

AND as a bonus, you’ll get how to format your book for Kindle AND my Easy Table of Contents Generator

Plus, it’s just $49.

So grab the product. Dip into it and then your brain can rest – and you get back to writing.

(OH and you get LIFETIME access so if you’re not ready to actually DO the steps for another month, three, or six, you still have it at your fingertips.)

2. Set a timer for 15 minutes and GOOGLE IT!

Now, here’s the system for this. You’re not trying to figure out the exact details of the exact techy/detailed/esoteric thing that has you worried. Because, trust me, often times it CHANGES between now (when your brain is stuck) and when you need it (in six months when you’re launching your book.)

So what you’re looking for is not THE answer – but AN answer.

You’ve got 15 minutes to dive down any Google rabbit hole you want and discover…

You do NOT have to reinvent the wheel.
The answer IS out there.
SOMEBODY has figured this out.

Then you can rest easy knowing that the knowledge DOES exist and you WILL be able to find it… WHEN you’re ready for it.

Then go back to writing.

But seriously…

Trust me on getting “The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit: Easily Format & Publish Your Book for Print & Kindle” NOW rather than later.



A. It’s a STEAL at $49 and…
B. It’s only available until July 23!

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