Is Your Inner Voice Lying to You?

It happens to all of us… A little voice in the back of your mind that whispers… “What if nobody wants to read this?”

And that voice can keep you from getting started. It can keep you from putting the next chapter onto paper. It can keep you from actually sitting back and saying, “yes, this IS done.”

Sweetheart, I’m here to give you some advice when it comes to writing your book (your first or your 21st!)

That little voice is a LIAR.

LIAR = Loathsome Individual Appearing Reasonable.

And in this case, that individual is you.

It’s the part of you who thinks you’re unworthy. The part that whispers you’re fat or old or have knobby knees. It’s the part that slides in sideways, tells you the most terrible things about yourself, and then laughs from the shadows while you cry.

Is this REALLY the voice you want to listen to?

So let’s do something practical… I want to PROVE to you that as strange as it seems, there’s SOMEBODY out there who wants to read what you have to say. A great place to start to put this inner voice to bed is with my free eBook: 5 Mental Monsters that Keep You from Writing Your Book

Take a look at these links:

underground homes – 1,954 books

worm farm – 189 books

I know that 189 books in worm farming isn’t a huge number, but that just shows that people are looking!

So think about something REALLY strange. Like Pooktre Art. (I had to look it up, it means shaping a tree to create art.)

Guess what? There are two books about pooktre art. And that means that while it may be a VERY small number of people looking, people ARE looking!

Did you even know what this was before I told you? Probably not. But there are whole websites dedicated to it – it’s a real thing!

But what if this was your passion? What if pooktre art was something you loved and you knew it was your gift to share with the world?

Because if pooktre art means this much to you, it means that much to somebody else too. And even if you were only able to change one life with your book – wouldn’t that matter?

How unbelievably selfish would it be not to tell that little voice to go STUFF IT and write your book?

I don’t know how many ways I can say it so I’ll just keep banging this drum until you can hear me:

Your book, your message, your story MATTERS. And it means the world to somebody. So take that LIAR voice and turn up the volume on a Lady Gaga ballad until you just can’t hear it any more.

Then get writing!

Kim Galloway
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