In her own words: Erin Copelan

If you’re like me, there’s always some wondering…

“Will it work for ME?”

When I’m evaluating something to invest in. And trust me, I invest in myself a LOT – programs, courses, trainings, events… you name it.

Does all of it work?

Actually, they probably all DO work – if I put in my time and energy and Do.The.Thing.

​That being said, I LOVE reading client testimonials. I love knowing that someone just like me, with real struggles, was able to have success.

Which is why I wanted to introduce you to my client, Erin Copelan. Erin attended my event last year – on a friend ticket! In fact, she squeaked in days AFTER registration closed. (My assistant had missed taking down just ONE registration link – Erin found it and got in!)

Here is Erin’s book writing journey – in her own words.

I used to tell people the story of Jerry’s liver transplant. How we got The Call in the middle of our move, how his liver attacked him and he almost died, and how I cared for him over his cancer journey which has spanned over a decade. People were enthralled. I realized there weren’t a lot of caregiving stories out there and I decided I was going to write mine.

At the end of 2018 I started to write. I had started a little blog about my massage business and got good feedback on my writing skills which fueled me to believe a book was a hop, skip, and a jump away. I dove in on the weekends writing my caregiving tale. Then I got stuck. There was more that I had to say, a lot more, but I didn’t know how to say it. Should the book be chronological? Should it be situational?

A year passed with me tinkering and fussing and rearranging words and attacking it from different angles. 2019 came and went. I had two books and while the order of the words varied slightly, it read like this:

​Then we did this….
Then we went there…
Then he said this….
Then I did that….

Which led to:

You should do this…
You should do that…
You should say this…
You will want that…

Then I was stuck in the mud, just as my readers would have been because it’s likely they would have become incredibly bored with my preachy timeline. It was mid-2020 and my dear friend, an angel in fact, sent me an email, “I’m taking this story writing course, I know you’re working on your book and I don’t know how far you are, but thought you might like it.”

I wasn’t writing a story; my book was non-fiction. It was real life with real experiences, I wasn’t storytelling. But I thought it might be interesting so I joined Kim’s three day event, “Your Bestseller Live”. I signed up at the very last possible moment, so close to the deadline that I thought the Internet would reject me. But I got in. Because the Universe wanted me to finally write my book.

By the end of the three days, I could see everything I didn’t know: how to engage a reader, how to connect with them, how to make your message be heard. Because that’s all I wanted! I wanted my message to be heard by those who needed it in the moment in their life they needed support the most. I realized I didn’t know how to get it out there. I didn’t know how to make my voice clear. I needed someone to help me and to teach me.

That someone was Kim. And it started at the event.

​Register for Brew Your Book – LIVE​

*** MARCH 2022 ERIN UPDATE ***

Erin’s book, “Welcome to Caregiving: What Caregivers NEVER Talk About” is launching on March 29, 2022. The cover is finalized, we’re doing last-minute touchups on the interior layout, and then Erin is inviting people to her book launch. (Register Here)

But just in case you think a book doesn’t really ever FINISH… it does!

My fellow author, I want to help you do this too:

  • Engage your reader
  • Connect with them
  • Have your message be heard

THIS is my complete zone of genius. (Not to mention that I’m REALLY FUNNY when you give me a stage – even a virtual one!)

When you come to “Brew Your Book LIVE – Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book”, you’ll learn how to write a powerful book that shares your message – without struggling to get the writing done.

Here are the details:

Dates: April 7-9, 2022

Location: Prescott, Arizona

Ticket: $297

Link to register:

Next year, I want to use YOUR words to invite a future author to join us. It all starts when you register.


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