What I’m Learning from the 2nd Annual Brew Your Book Telesummit – Part 2

092016-bybsummitAs more and more people are getting excited about the summit, I’m getting more excited too! (And it doesn’t help that I’m finding all types of goodies to send to the early signups too!)

We start next week but you don’t want to wait to register for this event. I’m sending out all types of yummy bonuses (like coloring sheets!) to make sure you’re really excited and can get the most out of the event.

The event is being held live, September 27 – 29. That’s three FULL days of training, stories, and advice from published authors to help you go beyond percolating on your idea and FINALLY write your book.

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I wanted to share a “sneak peek” with you – and invite you to register!

Did you see last week’s “sneak peek”? Check it out here!

Leonie Dawson

2-6leoniedawsonbIf you’ve ever thought, “I can’t write because I’m sick” then THIS is the interview you need to hear. Leonie Dawson shares how when she was very ill while pregnant with her second child (hyperemesis gravidarum) and was only NOT throwing up for a few hours a day she STILL managed to write over 50,000 words. Leonie brings her powerful Aussie wisdom to the Brew Your Book stage with no holds barred and lots of love, wisdom, and a powerful message.


2-7jonathanchristianJonathan Christian

Jonathan never learned to type AND his brain can move faster than his hand – so handwriting isn’t viable either! But he never let that stop him as he continues to write and share his story. Since Jonathan is also a social media expert, his interview is peppered with great tips for Facebook – to help you get more engagement and readers!

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2-8bibapedronBiba Pedron

The story of how Biba was able to write her first book, while still running a very successful international business, shows that writing a book is doable no matter how busy you think you are. And remember, English isn’t Biba’s first language (she’s French) so she was also writing in a foreign tongue. She shares exactly how she created a plan to write her books and have it edited and structured so English-speaking natives could absorb the great information.

2-8mellissarempferMellissa Rempfer

Do you feel like you can’t write a book because you’re not a “writer”? Then THIS is the interview you need to listen to! Mellissa had an identity that said “I can’t write” – and she let her “identity” get in her way. It was self-identifying sabotage. She realized that if she’s writing status updates on Facebook, yes, she IS a writer. Find out exactly how she was able to re-write her mental story so her words could get onto the page and transform the readers.



Jo Dibblee

Jo speaks deeply and passionately about how coming from a place of service in your writing first serves yourself and then serves your readers. This is a powerful act of self-care and self-love. Jo’s book is an amazing journey (and an award-winning book!) about living her life in hiding – because someone wanted to kill her – to finally moving into freedom and being seen, in a huge way.


3-11stephaniefilardiStephanie Filardi

Stephanie loves structure. She’s self-professed to be “very disciplined” so she shares must-know tips to create structure and organization in your life so you have the freedom and creativity to write. Stephanie shares how she not only was able to make time in her busy life for writing, but also how she continues to use that time now that the book is published. You won’t want to miss the story about how she celebrated the completion of her book!

3-12-christinewhitmarshChristine Witmarsh

Christine is a novelist and a “ghost writer to the stars” – she’s the behind the scenes writer for some great memoirs. (But she can’t share who!) Christine goes deep into the writing process of a professional author – including her must-know way to actually get the writing done. Here’s a hint: you need a writing cave! She also shares why the world needs your story. (Yes: yours!)

3-13emeraldgreenforestEmerald Peaceful GreenForest

Returning to the Brew Your Book stage is Emerald GreenForest (formerly Amethyst Wyldfyre) bring her writing wisdom. Emerald shared that for her, the biggest shift is giving herself permission to take time for writing. Writing isn’t about production (or deadlines) but about being in the flow and releasing your message into the world.


4-13sarahreiffhekkingBonus Guest: Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking: “I Know What to Do, I’m Just Not Doing It: 5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm”
Wanting to write your book is great – but if you’re too overwhelmed to actually do it, then you’re stuck! In this special bonus training, I’ve asked Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking to share her five proven steps to bust through procrastination so you can actually create the space to write. This is the must-hear interview that will help you implement everything that the experts teach!

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By the way, every expert is a published author AND they’re each giving you a gift to help you in writing, your business, and life. Those gifts ALONE are worth upwards of $1,400. And they’re yours when you register!

So here’s your next step: register to join us. This event is completely free – and there will be replays if you can’t join us live!

And be sure to share this with your friends and colleagues if they’ve been wanting to write a book!

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