What I’m Learning from the 2nd Annual Brew Your Book Telesummit – Part 1

091316-bybsummitpromoIn 2015 I realized a HUGE goal of mine: to host a telesummit. It is a ton of work to get all the speakers lined up, the interviews scheduled, copy written, and making sure all the technology wants to play nice.

But it is oh-so-worth it!

The words of wisdom from my 13 experts have REALLY inspired me to step up my game – both professionally in my writing and also with making sure the WORLD knows about this event.

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The summit is September 27 – 29, 2016. That’s three FULL days of training, stories, tips, and advice from published authors to help you STOP percolating on your book and FINALLY write it!

I wanted to share a “sneak peek” with you and invite you to register!

Esther Hatfield Miller

1-2estherhatfieldmillerEsther is a contributing author in an anthology (yes, that is STILL being a published author!) She wowed me when she mentioned she was able to write her chapter in just three days! Esther shares some powerful details about her writing practice – including writing longhand first. She goes deep into some must-know tips about shedding shame so you can write without fear. Not to mention how to not self-edit along the way!


Loren Fogelman1-3lorenfogelman

Loren used a ghostwriter to help her craft her book. Remember, it’s still YOUR message, even if it’s not YOUR fingers on the keys! She shares how writing her book – and using a ghostwriter – has really changed things for her personally and professionally. Loren’s transformation from writer to published author is moving and shows just how many lives can be touched through a book!

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1-4nancymuellerNancy Mueller

Nancy shares how your story can impact many, many people – but only if you share it! She’s written two books and graciously shares what she’s learned from the experiences. Nancy also shares a personal, touching story of her mom’s reaction to reading her book – you won’t want to miss it!


1-5amyzellmerAmy Zellmer

Amy is hard at work on her second book – this one is an anthology. Amy suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) but didn’t let that stop her since she’s gone on to write an award-winning book. She’s an advocate for TBI survivors around the world but also is a huge supporter of writing for healing. Amy shares how she was able to quickly pull together her book – and how it’s changing lives all over!

2-6leoniedawsonbLeonie Dawson

I have to admit – I have a huge girl-crush on this Australian entrepreneur! Leonie has an annual series of powerful, goal-setting workbooks that have been transforming lives (including mine) for the last several years. Leonie is highly creative (drawing all her workbooks herself!) and shares some powerful insights on the writing process.

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2-7jonathanchristianJonathan Christian

Guess what?! Jonathan never learned to type! AND his brain can move faster than his hand – so handwriting isn’t viable either! But no matter what “obstacle” was in his way, he was determined to take his message to the world. Jonathan is a Social Media expert and also shares some fabulous must-know tips about using social media to market your book.

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By the way, every expert is a published author AND they’re each giving you a gift to help you in writing, your business, and life. Those gifts ALONE are worth upwards of $1,400. And they’re yours when you register!

I also wanted to point out my BONUS speaker on Day 2 – Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking. I asked Dr. Sarah to share her 5-step system to FINALLY bust through procrastination and overwhelm so you can finally (and easily) focus on your writing. This is one of those must-hear interviews that will make all the other tips and best practices fit into your writing life.

So here’s your next step: register to join us. This event is completely free – and there will be replays if you can’t join us live!

And be sure to share this with your friends and colleagues if they’ve been wanting to write a book!

Kim Galloway
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