Why I’m Getting Tired of Carrying Your Dream

I have a confession to make:

I feel like hiding today.

I don’t really want to show up in an article, in today’s newsletter.

It’s been a rough couple of… days? Weeks? I’m not even sure anymore. But it’s been rough.

And I’m tired of thinking of creative ways to send you inspiration for your writing when my own inspiration and creativity well is empty.

Actually… I take that back.

I am inspired, personally. I’ve got a couple of things that are lighting me up:

  • Final preparations for our son, arriving end of August.
  • Thinking about Scary & Silly Campfire Stories, Volume 4.
  • Planning the 2017 “Brew Your Book Telesummit”.
  • Getting ready to host one of my besties, Martha, this weekend.

But the idea, today, of facing the empty page and the blinking cursor bummed me out in a way that rarely happens. I’m not sure I wanted to talk to you today. It’s been feeling like my messages have been falling on deaf ears.

It’s been a little too much of feeling like I’m the one carrying your dream.

Every week, without fail, for exactly five years now – (hey! Look at that! It’s the 5th anniversary of the newsletter. 5 years of coming to you on Tuesdays, without a single week skipped!) – for five years, I’ve been bringing you insight, wisdom, training, and tips. For free.

But ask you to invest in yourself and…

Suddenly everybody I’ve been talking to (on the phone, via group email, or one-on-one email) has been giving me the laundry list of excuses why they can’t. Why they can’t be as invested in their dream as I am.

And it makes me sad.

And tired.

I’m really good at what I do. I’m Really Good at helping people find their messages and share them. I have a Proven System to getting it out of your head and onto the page in a way that moves you, moves your readers, and – dare I say it – impacts the world.

I know, first-hand, how your message can touch a multitude of lives – more than you know, more than you can guess at.

And it’s my mission to help you do that.

Except, apparently today.

Because today, I don’t want to carry your dream for you – being the only one who is carrying it.

Today, I want to lovingly hand it back to you.

I’m tired of wanting this for you – the idea of holding Your Book in your hand – wanting it more for you than you do for yourself.

So, you hold it for a while. You decide if you are ready to realize you matter. Your book matters. Your message matters to the world.

It matters to me. I don’t have to be convinced.

But… I think you do. I think you need to decide what it is you really want around your book. What you’re really willing to invest.

Let me be perfectly frank:

  • You need to invest time.
  • You need to invest creativity.
  • You need to invest your money.

The “freebies” only take you so far. You can download everything I have for free (and some of you have!) but as awesome as I make them, they’re still free. You can sign up for ALL of my masterclasses – and they’re really good.

But when you put your money into your investment – you’ll automatically invest your time and creativity. You take it seriously.

We become 100% partners – I’m all in and you’re all in.

Right now, I’ve been 100% in and you’ve been… not. Maybe you’re in a little bit –  but I know you’re not fully invested.

Here’s the thing:

The folks I reach who are flagged as CLIENT (yes, even when they’ve “only” invested $100 or less!) are all in. You know what I see from them?

They’re getting it done.

They’ve put their money where their mouth is and they’re taking one solid action after another to make their book a reality.

Is that you?

Right now, I’m tired of the tire kickers. I’m tired of the lurkers who have Belief Tanks running on empty. I’m tired of people lashing out at ME because they can’t believe in themselves. (Seriously, it’s been happening!)

Because come ON! It’s not like you have to have thousands of dollars to work with me! I’ve got lots of options for you to start small – $100 options. And yes, I’ve got the private, VIP work too – the one where it is a several thousand dollar investment.

So what?

An investment, made from the right place of “THIS is going to happen” can and WILL change your life. It’s not dependent on the dollar amount.

If you’re not willing to invest with me, then invest SOMEWHERE. Find the mentor that lights you up and then let that be a spark. Open your wallet and spend some cash on the awesomeness that is you. Get your book written – and go out and be a spark for others.


One lone candle.

Kim Galloway
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