How To Organize Your Book’s Topic In Three Steps!

Are you wondering how to organize your ideas for a book?

Or if your ideas even FORM a book?

Y041415-BookOutlineou’re soooooo not alone! In the past month, I’ve spoken to probably a dozen people who have a great inkling for a book but have no idea how to take that random idea and organize it into an outline!

Now, a lot of people THINK that the first step in writing a book is that outline – and they can slave over it and cram every bit of information about the topic into a placeholder in that outline.

And there’s some value in that as an exercise…

But it doesn’t really help you get your book organized and written!

That outline is going to be key in writing your book without losing your mind. But it’s not actually the FIRST step!

There are two steps BEFORE creating your outline:

1. Coming up with LOTS of ideas

When you jump straight to creating your book’s outline, you can miss key things that should be in the book. Or your book’s topic is just a little bit… off!

And you can also have ideas that while great – don’t fit into THIS book. Which brings me to step 2…

2. Refining the ideas and uncovering your ONE red-hot topic!

I work with a LOT of authors who are using a book as a platform to increase their reach, credibility, and authority. And that’s a PERFECT reason to write a book! But just because you KNOW stuff doesn’t always mean it should be in that book.
Not only do you need ONE topic for your book, it also needs to be a topic that you’re excited to write about – and spend time on. It can be a lot of time for some books.

3. THEN you write the outline!

So when you jump straight from idea to outline you’re missing some very important steps. And they can be the difference between a WOW book and an eh book.

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This is why I created the Book Idea Workbook! Don’t let that name fool you – it’s so much more than JUST finding your idea. It walks you through the three steps that you need to complete before you ever start writing your book!

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