How long does it REALLY take to write a book?

There are people in the book coaching industry who promise that you can write a book in a VERY short timeframe – I’m talking two days (that start with S and end with y) or as little as 30 days.

Let’s be real here:

You CAN write a book in those timeframes.

But it isn’t a message-driven book. The one that has been percolating in your head, the one that’s on your heart, the one that you KNOW you’re meant to share.

Writing a book in two days isn’t a book. It’s a booklet, maybe, or a pamphlet. Something tiny.

You, want to write a book that will change lives.

It’s not about how LONG the book is – because I’ve seen small books do that. And I’ve seen big books do that.

It’s about the message.

It’s about putting your heart on the page and telling your reader:

  • I care about you.
  • I’ve been where you are.
  • I can help you.
  • You matter.
  • You are seen.
  • You are loved.
  • You are not alone.

And THAT book… that book deserves your time, effort, energy, and dedication.

THAT is the book that I coach with my clients in the VIP Writing Mentorship.

How long does it take?

A year.

Now, before you start thinking, “A year! That doesn’t apply to ME!” let me talk you off that ledge.

For some people, a year feels unfathomable. Far too long. You want it quick-quick in double time. YOU are the person who COULD write a message-driven book, 75,000 perfect words, in a month. Six weeks, tops.

For other people, that year feels too short. You’ll need at least three years to pour over every word, carefully cultivate every sentence, dive DEEP into the research. Actually… make that five years, you need more time.

There are always outliers. But in my years of coaching authors, from the hundreds of people I’ve coached…


You need TIME to uncover your message. To sit with it. To let it speak to you. To figure out HOW to share it on the page.

You need PRACTICE to learn to write stories. To learn how to share your knowledge in a way that the reader can receive, remember, act upon.

You need MENTORSHIP to see how the ideas flow together, come into the path that you take your reader on, moving through how you help them. You need someone to watch the big picture, while you concentrate on the writing.

You need STRUCTURE for the arc of the book as a whole. What goes where, how to cultivate transitions, when to repeat yourself, and when to let it stand.

You need WRITING TIME carved from your life. Not giving up the important things like baking cupcakes with your kid or your Tuesday park trips, but also not mindlessly watching TV and avoiding your book.

You need ENCOURAGEMENT on what you’re doing – and you don’t have to do it alone. It’s more than just the rah-rah of successfully writing for five days in a row, or the detailed feedback about what’s working (or not) in your writing. It’s help figuring out YOUR writing process – and guiding you to be better.

These things can’t be rushed. They also don’t have to take forever!

Most of the authors who come to me in the VIP Writing Mentorship have been “working” on their book 2-3 years. That’s writing off and on, maybe a draft, usually somewhere less than 30 pages. They’ve got ideas. They know they NEED to write – but they’re stuck.

And oh-so-tired of being stuck!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the VIP Writing Mentorship was once just a 4-month program. Except… my authors would need to renew. Twice. 4×3=12.

So the VIP Writing Mentorship is a year. A year of uncovering your Message, learning to tell stories, putting it all together, doing the daily work of WRITING, getting feedback, knowing who you’re writing for, and encouragement from me – and your fellow authors.

Enrollment will open at “Brew Your Book – LIVE! Stop ‘Percolating’ on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book.” And the folks who are in the room will get the first opportunity to fill my five open mentorship spots.

While you’re AT the event, you’ll get to experience what the Mentorship is like. You’ll see (some) of my PROVEN system and get to experience mentorship, feedback, and encouragement. Plus so much FUN. (Seriously, the Friday night session is going to be AMAZING!)

There’s still room to come to the event. Because even if the Mentorship isn’t a good fit right now, you’ll walk away from Brew Your Book Live knowing how to write a compelling book that will share your message – and transform lives. You’ll also walk away with a customize writing plan so you have confidence you’ll actually write the book (instead of just talking about it!)

Register Here.

After the event, if there are still any spots in the VIP Writing Mentorship, I’ll reach out to you and invite you to learn more and enroll.

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