Honor what Inspires You

Happy LAST Tuesday of 2016!

In the last few days of the year (which has been really hard for a lot of people in a lot of ways) I wanted to challenge you to end the year on a high note:

Reach out to somebody who inspires you.
In these last days of the year - reach out to somebody who inspires you. Share on X
This can be in business, life, or writing. It can be somebody you know personally or a business mentor or author you’ve never met. But what I want you to do is to try to tell them how and why he or she is your inspiration.

BTW: If it is an author you don’t know, there’s always contact information in the book somewhere. A letter or email addressed to a publisher usually does reach the author. More and more websites are taking down email contact information (or burying it) so going the extra mile to make your feelings known will not only impact the person you’re contact but also yourself as you dig deep to take a positive action step.

This reaching out is NOT writing fan mail to a celebrity!

I’m saying that I’m challenging you to honor true inspiration – the type that makes YOU dig deep and keep going. The type that makes your creativity fountain run after nearly going dry. The type of inspiration that makes you take a deep breath, lace your boots up tighter, and keep putting one foot in front of another.

The person who inspires you when everything else in your life has turned to darkness.

It’s time to reach out to THAT person.

I look at this as a karmic donation to inspiration. You’re not donating your time or money (although you can!) but you’re acknowledging the inspiration. What you focus on you attract – so by putting your attention on what inspires you, you’ll bring more inspiration into your life.

Finish 2016 with an ode to inspiration. (Or at the very least a warm email to somebody who makes your eyes light up!)

Kim Galloway
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