Help me, I’m stuck!

Anybody who knows me knows I don’t believe in writer’s block. It’s impossible to be SO blocked that you can’t write ANYTHING!

That being said, it is completely possible and common to become stuck on a project. For example, my book about beginning camping: “Pitch Your Tent: A Family’s Guide To Tent Camping” had me stuck several times. For some reason, the writing JUST wasn’t flowing.

And frankly, this week’s blog was a lot like that. It wasn’t that I didn’t have some GREAT ideas and that I was struggling to work on this month’s editorial calendar. Nope, it was that I wanted some ideas that would work inside of my time constraints THIS week. I don’t have an over-abundance of time right now to devote to researching and writing and planning and outlining some of my more complicated article ideas.

As you’re planning your weekly writing, keep this in mind! Some articles are FANTASTIC but take longer to put together than others.

I’m not blocked at all: I can write a LOT on several projects that have nothing to do with what I publish on this website. I’ve got great ideas (and even article starts) on really fabulous topics about writing and blogging and publishing.

But I was still “stuck” on a relevant, easy-to-write topic for this week. So I’m pretty much taking the cop-out and writing ABOUT being frustrated!

Here’s my plan for the rest of April until my time frees up a bit:

  • Record all these article ideas (with some notes) in my business journal
  • Brainstorm some articles that are less labor intensive to get me through
  • Ask a trusted associate to write a guest article
  • Keep writing!

Because here’s the thing about writing: it’s an exercise. And when you go too long without putting words on a page you lose “muscle tone”. So keep writing, my friend!

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