Hear from 100+ experts – without leaving home! (Kim’s December Speaking Calendar)

Happy December!

I love the hustle and bustle of this time of year with so much to do and see. Now… granted, I usually live vicariously through Facebook pictures because I can’t stand crowds. And this year, with the kiddo, I’m even less likely to go out and brave the masses.

Which is why I love virtual events! And this month, I’m speaking on 5 different virtual stages. I do this for two reasons:

  1. To help people finally write their books and share their messages
  2. To bring you new teachers and opportunities to grow – through hearing THEIR wisdom

So let me share about the opportunities you have to join these virtual events. Remember, they’re all free and you’ll receive gifts from the speakers that are designed to enrich your life and business.

Hear from 100+ experts – without leaving home! All free! Share on X

Follow Your Intuition Summit – Hosted by Ildiko Szab

Learn tips for trusting your body, finding your own inner healing master, providing yourself the right well-being atmosphere, harnessing your mindset and more in this inspiring, actionable, and fun summit. Receive daily doses of wisdom and actionable advice to get you living the life you know you’re meant for.

Event starts Monday, December 4.

Register here: http://bit.ly/keldredge


Find Your Force – Hosted by Joyce van der Lely

Hear from a curated panel of thought leaders and experts about how to launch your independent business by unleashing your feminine energy. The goal is to help you create financial freedom and independence in your business and personal life.

Event starts Monday, December 4.

Register here: https://findurforce.com/kime


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Designing Your Purposeful Biz – Hosted by Mary Alvizures

If launching and growing a purpose-driven business feels like a great way to make the impact you want to make, this is the event for you. Discover he exact steps people have taken to successfully launch and grow their purpose-driven businesses, so you can do the same, without recreating the wheel and how to determine what to focus on, when, so the time, energy, and money you invest in your business really pay off.

Event starts Thursday, December 7.

Register here: https://summit.designmypurposefulbiz.com/mintgem/?afmc=kim


Get Clients Now! – Hosted by Hollie Tkac

Get behind the scenes email marketing tips and strategies from over 24 online entrepreneurs on how to build your email list – and use it to bring in new clients. Lots of people teach list building – but Hollie is focusing on list USING.

Event starts Monday, December 11.

Register here: http://bit.ly/gcns-kim


Change the News for Good – Hosted by Jackie Kotei

If you’re tired of all the negativity in the news and want to do something about it, this is for you. During the Change the News for Good event, we are covering everything from how do video interviews to how to get the media to say yes to what mistakes to avoid, to how to become a serious influencer and create your own publicity opportunities to how to turn publicity into clients and MORE.

Event starts Tuesday, December 12.

Register here: http://www.jackiekotei.com/KimEldredge

I’m excited to bring these resources to you!


I’ve said before: I’m a lone candle shining in the dark. Here’s my chance to introduce you to HUNDREDS of other candles that are all here to light your way through life, writing, and business. All the experts, and especially the five hosts, have spent hours cultivating resources for you – and it’s all free.

But you’ve got to register and then attend.

I get invited to speak on a lot of summits – and I only say yes to the ones I feel would really resonate with YOU, ~Contact.FirstName~. So, take a moment, reply to this email and TELL me what you’re interested in so I can bring you more resources to fit your needs.

Several of the summits are offering VIP upgrades – which I think is a BRILLIANT idea. That way you get the teachings for your permanent success library and can use them whenever you need a dose of inspiration or a pick-me-up. To encourage you to grab the VIP upgrade…

Send me your receipt showing your purchase and I’ll send YOU the VIP upgrade of the 2015 Brew Your Book Summit. ($197 value)

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