Have You Ever had a Weird Day?

It was a weird day today, my friend.

Not a bad day.

But a weird one.

I woke up feeling… horrible. Like morning sickness and swung back for a second round – at six months pregnant. To add more stress to an already uncertain tummy, Small Thing was in a mood, I had to wake Ben up early, and oh… I had an important (virtual) speaking gig at 9:30 am.

A spoonful of honey and a call to the midwife – I’m probably just not eating often enough and my blood sugar is dipping. Chalk it up to yet another weird pregnancy symptom.

By 9:20 am I was in my office – makeup on, hair brushed, wearing a pretty new dress (not that you see much of it via Zoom, just my shoulders) – ready to pour into the attendees at the “Explode Your Audience Experience.” With TWO of my Diamond clients and my aunt in the audience, I knew I needed to knock it out of the park.

Just over an hour later…

I’m holding a ladder for my husband to crawl up on the roof. In 25 mile an hour winds. To put up his new weather station.

Did I nail my talk? I was really solid. (Hint: It’s damn good. Watch it here!)

But was I 100% happy with it? Nope. I felt I missed something important.

By 1:00 pm, I was battling my way through setting up a dreaded email re-engagement sequence.

Yep, weirdness overload. I was notified I had to get my people back into paying more attention to me STAT – or risk my entire CRM. Oh barf. Really? That’s really what I need to be doing today? This week?

The whole time, I was trying to pretend I was Katniss (yes, seriously) battling an enemy. Really, I was watching the rain sheet across my windows, noticed the temperature had dropped 40 degrees (thanks, newly installed weather station) And stewing because this was Not. On. The Plan.

Fight with tech. (Listen to thunder.)

Fight with tech. (WHY is there thunder in APRIL?)

Fight with tech. (Thunder is closer…)

By 1:30, Ben slipped in to tell me that the thunder wasn’t moving in closer, it was HERE. Shut down computer, talk to a client. Hush Small Thing in the background trying to feed me an invisible dinner, “You done working now, Mommy?”

By 3:45, the tech fight was over (I won.) Made three clients happy. Expressed my displeasure to my email software for HOW they handled this issue. (Made it clear that while I was happy to comply, their customer service regarding this sucked. Big time.)

Came out from the rabbit hole of tech, grateful for fresh air of the rest of the house.

“You done working now, Mommy?”

Saying yes, I was done. At least while he was awake – I knew I’d be back here after bedtime to write to you.

So the three of us went on a walk. Temperature was back up 20 degrees, no wind, sunny out.


This is Arizona. It’s NOT one of those places where you can say, “Don’t like the weather? Wait ten minutes!”

My corner of Arizona, spring is marked by two things:

Sunshine and wind.

Every day is the same: sunny and windy. Until June. Then it’s sunny, windy, and HOT.

It’s April. It rained. There was THUNDER.

Is the whole world tipped upside down?

I really debated about “recycling” an article for you this week. But I’ve been doing that so often of late (re: pregnant!) that I just couldn’t stand it. I also couldn’t muster up the energy for a Real Article.

One with steps. Or a point. Or a tip, teaching, or WHATEVER.

Here’s the thing:

I write to you EVERY WEEK, without fail. I want to deliver great content. Help you on your journey with writing that book, seeing it published, sharing your message.

And sometimes…

That just sounds boring! I don’t want to be Serious Kim.

I’m just me. Having a weird (not bad) day.

I write these rambling articles to you every so often. Occasionally about spiders.

And the thing, my darling author, THESE are the articles you respond to. When I let you see my humanity. My own personal brand of weirdness. Not even Vulnerability – with a capital V. But more of the musings of a prolific author who has, temporarily, run out of things to say.

No big wisdom here, on this third Tuesday in April.

Just letting you know:

I’m here.
You’re here.
Weirdness is in the air.

And you are loved. (Because I do! I love you!)

I’ll (probably) be back to my normal self next week. Bringing you, if not a NEW article, at least a practical, helpful one.

Until then…

Embrace it all. Life is weird.

Kim Galloway
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