Happy Veteran’s Day to My Favorite Vet

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day here in the USA. When my mom learned I was dating a veteran, she decided that every year, we needed to celebrate Ben – complete with a meal and fun, hokey gifts. Keep OUR part of the celebration light (because he’s gone through a lot in his years of service.)

So we did.

Ben and I started dating in August, so a few months later he’s in my mom’s kitchen getting gifts of socks and whiskey and other fun-but-kinda-weird gifts.

The tradition continued yesterday when we took the kids to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm and then had a picnic lunch – complete with goofy gifts.

It was a beautiful day filled with sunlight, laughter, good food (thanks mom!), and fellowship. Not to mention goats, a deer that sneezed on my head, and so.much.dirt.

Thank you to Ben and ALL the veterans on my list. I know that not everything in our country is really all that a-okay, but I want to tell you, from my family to yours, that your service is seen and appreciated. Thank you.

Kim Galloway
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