Hank Special on The Book Idea Workbook

Happy Friday y’all!

Hank and Rocky had great vet checkups yesterday. Although, remind me to never try to “save time” with a dual appointment again. Two dogs, different sizes, different leash lengths, and different temperaments (Hank = chill, Rocky = neurotic) at the vet, alone, at the same time…


Both doggos got a clean bill of health. I was especially glad to hear this for my old-man Rocky. He’s about 11 (so I got him as a 7-week-old rescue, I just never REMEMBER the year!) and he’s really aged in the months since Pete died. But he’s doing great!

I had some questions about Hank. Mainly…

What’s UP with the double dew-claws on both hind legs and how much should this dog eat/weigh.

In my newly acquired Dr. Google Veterinarian Certification, double dew-claws on hind legs is only found in a handful of breeds. And only ONE breed isn’t also extremely hairy. So we’re guessing that his primary breed is…

The Anatolian Shepard!

Hailing from Turkey, this is an ancient dog breed (like Book of Job in the Bible, ancient) and was imported into the USA in the 1970’s to be used as guard dogs for livestock. Not a herding breed, a guard breed. Perfect for sitting in the sun, watching the kids play in the yard. A herding breed would probably be in the thick of it, nipping at them to get them to move. (Not so great with tiny kids.)

A pure-bred can get up to 100 pounds in the males. (Ouch!) But Hank is probably a mix so the vet said he needs to (get this…)

Eat at least 1200 calories a day AND will probably need to weigh about 70 pounds! (He’s a bit underweight coming from the shelter.) He’s already filling out and his coat looks so much better. Must be all that good snugs he gets with Ben…

So remember the “Hank Special” I was offering on the Book Idea Workbook on Tuesday? (10% off, if you missed it.)

Here it is again!

In honor of “missing” quitter’s day AND to raise funds to FEED this huge dog we adopted AND to give you an easy way to get into motion… I’m offering the Hank Special on The Book Idea Workbook. When you go to checkout, enter the coupon code HANK to receive a 10% discount. Valid until 1/24/22.

Book Idea Workbook

I’ve already been asked if we’re going to DNA test Hank to confirm the Google breed research. Nope. He’s 100% Good Dog (and I’ll save the $200 on the test – nothing it could tell me I don’t already know – he’s a GREAT fit for the family!)

Here’s to happy, healthy, and HUGE dogs!

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