Guest Post: Maribel Jimenez

One of the questions that people love to ask me is about launching a book. And they’re always a bit disappointed when I tell them that launching a book is like launching an online program – you follow the exact same steps.

Sorry, there is no shortcut here! You’ve got to do the launch.

But I can give you some help – let me introduce you to MY launching mentor, Maribel Jimenez. Maribel is the one who taught me the ins and outs of launching for my online programs and for my books. She took my launching efforts from “just barely there” to “Wow! That works – and I can do it again and again!”

I want you to experience the same!

Myth: To Make More Money, You Must Work More…

Today, I’m breaking this myth that in order to make more money, you must work more. I will share how not only is it NOT true, but you can actually work less AND make more.

Before I break this myth, let me start by saying I believed it to be true.

I spent most of my life working a traditional job, the statement that I needed to work more to make more was true to an extent because I worked hourly.

It was ingrained in me for years, and I never actually questioned it. I just kept working and as I earned more per hour, I earned more overall.

Then 15 years later I took the leap as an entrepreneur, and it was still second nature to me to think that. I didn’t know any other way than to put in tons of hours and work hard to be successful.

So guess what?

I put in tons of hours and worked hard… but I wasn’t successful. So I put in MORE hours because I wanted to feel like at least I was trying to be. I kept putting in the hours because I really didn’t know how to turn myself off.

In my head I carried all these beliefs that said things like – “Work hard now and play later,” “It takes hard work to be successful”, “You must put in the time to make things work”, “You must do this for your family and they will understand it’s for them”… and on and on.

Here’s the problem…it’s not about the time you put in…you can put in tons of time and not be successful. I figured that one out.

It’s about having empowering beliefs about time (plus success overall), what you do with that time and ensuring you move in the direction that creates the success that you have defined.

To break that down, here are 5 steps you can take to begin making MORE money with the time you have. (stay tuned for my next post on working less)

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Let’s start with one goal that you want to work on, and since we are talking about money – think about your money goal.

Step #1 – Write down your money goal.

How much money do you want to make in your business?

Step #2 – Break that money goal down in 12 months.

What is that money goal for you this month?

Step #3 – What actions and beliefs do you have around that money goal?

Take a few minutes to jot these down. What are the actions you have planned to achieve your money goal? Then, write down some empowering beliefs around this money goal.

Here are a couple of my favorite empowering statements that have changed my beliefs…

“When you slow down, you go faster” – This belief helped me to slow down so that I could think through my actions on which one is most powerful instead of rushing to take actions for the sake of feeling “productive.”

“The better I take care of myself, the more my business grows.”

This statement supported me to unplug in the evenings and weekends instead of continuing to work. As a recovering workaholic, it was hard because I felt like I was wasting time.

Well, I found out really quickly how much I loved being with my family and everything was still okay…no meltdowns in my business or anything. In fact, it was so energizing to take time off that I felt super empowered and recharged to move forward on ideas that I felt so stuck in before. I would even get my best ideas when I was “off” and felt relaxed.

Step #4 – Money multiplier brainstorm.

It’s really powerful to slow down and think through some powerful actions that will get you more results. It’s not about quantity of actions but rather quality of actions.

I’ve found that in doing this, I will get WAY more results with the moves I do make because I’m intentional about this.

Some questions to answer to get you going on this are:

  • What can you do to get more results with the actions you take?
  • How can you reach more people?
  • Can you make a better offer?
  • Can you offer something for sale?
  • Do you have private client openings available?
  • Who can support you in reaching that money goal?
  • Can you partner with someone?

Step #5 – Guard your highest priority money-making actions each day.

When you take purposeful actions each day that lead you to the vision that you want, it is the fastest path to get you there.

I invite you take action on these so you can make WAY MORE money with the time you are already devoting on your business. I bet you can even cut down on the time.

Want to get more results with your actions RIGHT now?

I’ve created a special 6-Figure Prosperity Challenge to show you how to map out your vision and multiply your results without sacrificing your life.

I want to help you if you have a vision and are struggling to create it, or maybe, you are having success but would love to get greater results without giving up time with your family or loved ones…

I invite you to a new way of doing business.

Join Maribel and myself right now for the free 6 Figure Challenge.

And be sure to share it with anyone else you know who needs this challenge right now – they will thank you for it!


Maribel Jimenez is an international speaker, bestselling author, Marketing Launch Mentor and CEO/founder of Your Dream Launch. For the past 15 years, Maribel has excelled in Business Development and Marketing, writing successful marketing campaigns, curriculum and training programs for multi-million dollar organizations. She’s won numerous awards including the prestigious President’s Award through Toyota.

She’s been featured on hundreds of radio shows, telesummits, podcasts, google hangouts, online magazines and teleseminars globally and is recognized as the feminine launch mentor.

She’s on a mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs tap into their brilliance, share it with the world through powerful dream launches and create profitable businesses while maintaining a life they love. She’s living her dream – happily married to her soul-mate, has 4 kids, 3 dogs and runs her business from home in California.

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