Guest Post: Kristen Nolan

Do you ever feel complete exhausted – even if you’re not physically active?

Me too! By 3 pm, I’m reaching for an afternoon cuppa (and maybe a nap) to get me through the rest of the day. And I’m always trying to manage my energy – especially my brain energy – to get through all the projects in my day.

I finally realized that knowing how to navigate movement, food, and brain power REALLY wasn’t my area of expertise. So I took my own advice and reached out for help!

That’s why I’m bringing you a special guest: Kristen Nolan of She’s the High Performance Health Mentor – and a friend of mine! Kristen brings her list fantastic weekly tips (also on Tuesdays). One of my biggest challenges is setting myself up for success for long days at the computer: brain power, posture, drinking water, and not feeling like a slug by 3 pm!

This is a special video from Kristen to us – and she’s offering a great goodie to help you keep going too!

Here’s the link to your Free Snack List:

I personally just started working with Kristen so I’ll keep you posted on the transformation!

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