Guest Post: Flex Your Creativity Muscle

Every so often, I want to bring you a fresh, new perspective – especially to jump-start your creativity. Please enjoy this guest post from Kaylee White from


061615-CreativityMuscleAs someone who considers herself a pretty creative person, it was actually really difficult to start “flexing” my creativity muscle. I can’t imagine how overwhelming and difficult it must be to try to start being creative. One of the best exercises that I did when I first started was to find out what type of creativity I wanted to become involved in. There’s photography, drawing, sketching, painting, scrapbooking, and even journaling. I was fortunate enough to find a creative outlet that fit my organizational nature. I love to plan things and make lists about everything. I found the Planner Community by accident and have just started decorating my planner and making embellished lists that I can save for years to come.

Being creative is often associated with adolescence. It can be locked down upon by many who have forgotten the therapeutic effects being creative can have. Creativity is not considered a skill, not is it one of the prominent characteristics individuals think about when describing themselves.

As Nick Skillicorn states in his TEDx talk at TEDx Durham University, “Everyone is creative… There is this myth going around popular culture about left-brain people versus right-brain people… What inside surround functional brain-imaging and structural brain-imaging are showing us is that all of the brain is actually used when creative inspiration moments take place.”

Translation: There is no reason for you to believe that you aren’t creative. Creativity can help you cultivate a better life.
Developing your creativity skills will help you overcome writer’s block faster and with less frustration. Being able to express your creativity and feel free can help you find new ways to tell your story the way you never knew was possible.

I suffered from comparison disease when I started. This stifled my creativity and made me very hesitant to keep going. I almost wanted to quit until I realized that my creativity – decorating my lists and planner – was my way of expressing myself and I shouldn’t be comparing what I create, I should be creating to brighten my day. So should you.

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Creativity doesn’t have to be a scary concept. Expressing your creativity can become a favorite part of your day – if you let it. Once you begin to experience the joys that come from your creativity, it can free up your writing and really help you to show a side that others would love to experience. Don’t be afraid to open up to your wild and crazy side – it may be the key to your success.

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