Guest Interview: Jo Dibblee

I’ll be the first to admit… sometimes I don’t WANT to write an article. No matter how good I am with my editorial calendar or how dedicated I am to NEVER missing a week, there are times when that blinking cursor gets me down.

The nice thing about having brought you weekly wisdom for over 4 years is that I DO have a “backlist” of articles that I can freshen up and bring to you again. That’s timeless content that’s pretty easy to re-do.

But then there are times when even THAT sounds boring!

So this week, I wanted to bring you something completely different. It’s something I’ve never done before:

I’m GIVING you access to one of the archived interviews from the Second Annual Brew Your Book Telesummit! Jo Dibblee was one of my FAVORITE guests – and she shared so much wisdom that I know it’ll help you get unstuck and motivated!

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About Jo:

3-10jodibbleeJo Dibblee is determined to be the change she seeks by educating, empowering, and elevating women entrepreneurs via access, connection, collaboration, knowledge, and resources.

She is a Social Entrepreneur who sees it as her responsibility to give back both locally and globally. The founder of Frock Off Inc., Jo is described as a tenacious and fearless philanthropist – a catalyst to change. She works with heart-centered women entrepreneurs who have a big message, product or service that can serve or transform others and are ready to amplify their results.

Jo is driven by her passion and purpose which stems from living in hiding for 35 years as a key witness in a murder investigation. She is television co-host, an international award winning author, speaker and breakthrough expert. Her award winning memoir Frock Off: Living Undisguised is the foundation of her work. She has been featured in Canadian media nationwide, and in the Huffington Post.

About Jo’s Interview:

Jo speaks deeply and passionately about how coming from a place of service in your writing first serves yourself and then serves your readers. This is a powerful act of self-care and self-love. Jo’s book is an amazing journey (and an award-winning book!) about living her life in hiding – because someone wanted to kill her – to finally moving into freedom and being seen, in a huge way.


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