God Is NOT My VA

Lately, I’ve been extra stressed out. I have all of these (amazing) clients who are in the final stages of their books. That means I’m up to my eyeballs in editing, layout, and launching for no fewer than FOUR clients.

Plus a few lingering “steps” from some already published clients.

And I still have to be available for my coaching clients too!

And this isn’t counting just “life” stuff like being a wife and mother, feeding the dogs, and taking to the trash.

All in all, it’s added up to some crazy insomnia. (Not the productive I’m-typing-at-3-am insomnia; it’s the “can’t sleep, toss and turn, wake up with a migraine” insomnia.)

The well-meaning advice that has been given me, over and over, is to pray. Trust in God.

And here’s the thing:

As a (new) Believer, I try to follow that advice about EVERYTHING from “where’s my next client coming from?!” to “please let me make it safely to the grocery-store and back” to “keep my helicopter-flying husband safe” and, of course, “watch over my son.”

But here’s where I struggle:

Got isn’t my VA (virtual assistant.) God can’t come swooping into my office and DO THE THING for my clients. He can’t complete a layout, do some structural edits, or design the launch graphics.

I have to.

And I’ve had to get really good at praying for “help” – because I’m always supported by God, but it doesn’t always look the way I anticipated. It shows up in a good night’s sleep (energy to work) and in gracious clients who do THEIR part of the launch. It shows up in “you got this!” messages from my husband, and when Small Thing sweetly says, “More strawberries, please, Mommy. Thank you.”

Because, at the end of the day, there is nobody else to Do The Work in my business – for the clients I already have AND for the lifeblood marketing efforts that keep my doors open.

Just like there’s nobody else who can Write Your Book.

But none of us have to do it alone.

I lean on God – and Ben, and my folks, our wonderful nanny, Sarah, and my dearest friends (Kathryn, Holly, Jessica). These people are the physical manifestation of my pleas to God. They listen, they physically help, and they always have my back.

And I also lean on you.

Because every Tuesday, I know what I’m doing:

Talking to you.
Sharing with you.
Mentoring you.

Because I know, no matter what crazy-thing is happening in MY world, we’ve made an agreement to hang out together, every Tuesday. So we do.

Now, let me ask you:

What are YOU doing for your book and your message?

Are you going it alone?

Or are you realizing that God answers prayers – and sometimes the prayer is clear: Get physical-plane help! That while God can’t serve as your Virtual Assistant, he can send wonderful people, resources, and opportunities to your life that are the answers to your prayers.

Shameless Pitch

My darling author, I have TWO ways I can help you to write your book.

1. The VIP Mentorship
In this small-group, intensive, 4-month writing program, I will personally guide you through writing your first draft – from idea to story. I’ll even meet with you, 1-on-1, to go over your writing and help you improve as an author.

This isn’t a low-cost option since it’s three payments of $2500 or a pay-in-full of $5000. You’re working directly with me and the other members of your group are dedicated, invested authors who let NOTHING stand in the way of their message, their book, and their dream.

By Application Only

2. The Book Gameplan Membership
You want a step-by-step process to write your book; something that you can chunk out and actually cross off your to do list. That’s where the Membership comes in; I’ve broken my PROVEN system down into bite-sized pieces that you can do in less than 15 minutes a day. (Yes, including WRITING the book.)

While there isn’t any 1-on-1 time with me, and I won’t review your writing, you WILL get two group Q&A calls each month and a dedicated Facebook group filled with your fellow authors. This is my most affordable option to work with me at $97/month.

Become a Member Today

And please, my darling author…

The world needs your message. So if I’m not your solution, then please, FIND ONE. Find a mentor you resonate with, pay their fees with gratitude and joy… and get to work.

Because the reason I do what I do is because it’s my Mission in the world: to bring the stories of my authors to the world so that lives can be changed.

It’s in the gratitude prayer I say each morning and in the “Lord, give me strength” prayer I say each night.

I do this for you. So your message can do wonderous things for others.

Kim Galloway
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