Glorious Morning Affirmations for Writing Your Book

It is no secret I get up crazy-early, well before my family, to write and work on my business. I guard these morning hours.

And before YOU get all freaked out, I’m NOT saying that getting up at 5:30 am is right for everyone! It works for me – with a quiet cup of coffee, my fluffy slippers, snuggly bathrobe, and quiet time in my office. I love watching the sun LEAP above the horizon and paint the distant mountains pink.

It’s glorious.

That isn’t to say that I’m an efficient writing machine every day.

I’m human.

Some days I want to sip my coffee and listen to the sound of distant cows lowling. And that’s it.

And some days I just don’t feel IT. Not writing. Not the morning. Not the coffee. NONE OF IT.

Surprisingly, on those mornings, I get up ANYWAY and slip to my office. The kids actually wake up and sing well before they GET up. So there is no quiet time laying in bed; it gets loud FAST. Like my daughter yells:


(It’s a toddler contraction between ‘crack of dawn’ and ‘good morning’ – that ALMOST gets the word morning right!)

I’ve come up with some GLORIOUS morning affirmations for writing your book (even if you don’t actually WRITE in the morning!)

The sun shines light on my good ideas.
God created a brand new day for me – go meet it.
I am capable.
I am creative.
My Message Matters.
I am allowed to love my writing and my book.
I am an author.
My words are valued and helpful.
I am worthy of this time – alone.
Enjoy my beautiful office. It was made with love.

I encourage you to think of your own morning affirmations – something that feels really luxurious and delicious – and use it daily!

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