Fresh Ideas for Celebrating Completed Steps on Your Book Before Moving on

It’s no secret that writing a book has a LOT of steps. And then there are all the steps to go from draft manuscript to holding a book in your hands.

It’s enough to make you feel like you’ll never make it.

Which is exactly why you need to celebrate your completed steps!

Backstory: A client delivered her final manuscript to me. When I encouraged her to celebrate this step she said, “That’s sweet of you to think but there’s still so much to do, it’s not worth celebrating.”

THAT, my dear authors, is the stinking-thinking that keeps you from completing the WHOLE project. Because you’re looking at the WHOLE project, and not honor and celebrating the steps.

When you’re setting your next milestone, decide what you’ll do when you reach it. ZERO punishment ideas here! This is only for celebration!

Celebration ideas:

  • Fist pump and a holler. (No, seriously!)
  • Stretch out those kinks. Some smaller milestones mean you’ve just clocked an hour or two at your desk. Take a moment to stretch like a cat and SMILE.
  • Victory lap: take a lap around your house and pretend you’ve got a flag draped around your shoulders like an Olympic athlete.Clean that thing that has been driving you crazy! You know the one… the one that you think, “I don’t have TIME to wipe this down right now but MAN is it gross,” every time you see it. (You’ve been avoiding the procrasti-cleaning, good job!) You’ve met your milestone so do that thing that has been making you crazy but you didn’t do it because you didn’t have time. Then relish in the lack of dirt, clutter, dust bunnies, etc.
  • Call somebody and BRAG. Don’t let them change the subject either. You can gush and gush and GUSH about what you’ve done, how you feel, and how great it is. (Then get off the phone before they rain on your parade.)
  • Eat the treat. I KNOW we all do the “if I do this, I can eat/drink that” thing. So go HAVE the cookie or the cocktail or the WHATEVER. Relish every delicious bite – you’ve earned it.

Above all:

PAUSE and look back at how far you’ve come!

Remind yourself of how capable you are in writing your book.

And take a day or two BEFORE you jump to the next step in the book writing project. Really SINK IN to the feelings of having Done The Step. Celebrate. Smile to yourself and let people wonder why you’re grinning.

Don’t move past the celebration step too quickly. There ARE more steps coming – so focus on the completion of THIS ONE so you don’t get overwhelmed (or down-right negative like that client.)

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