[Free Resource] Kim’s Kick-Ass Publishing Checklist

You’re getting started on a new project (writing and publishing a book) and while you KNOW what the end-game is… you’re not 100% sure how to GET there.

I get it: NOTHING is more frustrating than knowing you want to go from A to Z and not knowing what the steps are to get there, right? Trust me, I totally get that! It’s frustrating enough to have all these unknowns – but what’s even worse is when you’re headed down a path only to discover that you’ve missed a step.

No bueno!

And sometimes, you just need to know more about the end before you can even start – even if it seems counterintuitive to get all those details. You’ve just got to see the bigger picture before you can even get started.

I get it!

And that’s why I’ve created “Kim’s Kickass Publishing Checklist” – because even if you’re not ready to publish your book RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, you still want to know what publishing looks like. And you really want to know all the steps in the book publishing process so you can move forward with confidence you’re doing the right steps in order.

You need… A checklist!

Get Your Checklist <<< Download Here

In this all-new publishing checklist, you’ll learn:

  • How to decipher when your book is (finally) ready to publish
  • How to choose the best publishing option for you
  • What you really need to do to prepare your manuscript for formatting
  • How much you need to budget for publishing
  • And more!

This checklist outlines the steps I use myself – and that I share with my clients – to go from written to published, every time!

I didn’t want to just have you check off the steps leading up to publishing your book (although you get that too!) but I also wanted to give you some insights to the bigger picture around writing and publishing your book.

Remember, your message matters – but you can only share it with the world if you finally write (and publish!) your book!

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