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I’m sure we’ve all experienced it: we spend hours learning a skill or process, invest thousands of dollars in the education, given up free time and sleep. At the end of it all, we have a deep understanding of the complete process.

Then somebody comes along and asks to pick our brain. If that wasn’t bad enough, they want it for free.

I’ve been guilty of this myself! Now that I understand a little bit more about what somebody may have invested in their knowledge, I don’t expect information for nothing.

Before I got started in independent self-publishing, I spent years working on my writing craft. In fact, I have a degree in Creative Writing. And I’ve invested two years learning everything I could about self-publishing. I’ve spent upwards of $10,000 on classes; fought my way through every in and out of formatting; and figured out how to get titles noticed on Amazon.

Why should you care, though?

Because I want to give you some publishing information for free.

I’m passionate about independent self-publishing. I have a really hard time not blurting out the answer when somebody asks me a question about it. I really want to share!

What I’ve realized is that business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs aren’t really interested in picking my brain. Well, they THINK they are. I get calls and emails asking questions. I’ll happily chat about publishing over coffee or on the phone.

And here’s the bottom line:

You want to be PUBLISHED. You’re not as excited as I am about the details of how that happens.

So here’s the information I want to give you for free:

You don’t have to be!

I’ve figured out the publishing process so you don’t have to. Sure, you can buy my home study course and you have an excellent DIY solution. But is that really what you want?

Let me tell you about my Assisted Self-Publishing process:

First off, we jump of the phone for an initial conversation. I want to know all about your project and what your goals are. Are you looking to increase or establish your credibility? Bring more clients in the door? Is being a published author a life-long dream?

I also ask one of the “ugly” questions: How much money are you looking to make? While I can’t (and don’t!) promise riches, I want to know what you’re thoughts are.

From there, I talk about how hands-on YOU want to be. And this is super important to me. Because some clients have a manuscript that is pretty much already a book. And others have a collection of articles. And some even have ideas.

From there, I help you free up your time. Because let’s face it: you want to get back to your life, your family, your job, and your writing. You want to be a published author, but without all the stress and hassle of navigating self-publishing all by yourself.

I would love to chat with you about your project. I love hearing people light up about what they are passionate about.

And I’ll save you all my dewy-eyed excitement over formatting and page breaks!

Kim Galloway
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