Featured in “Happier Healthier Women” Magazine

I’m jazzed to tell you I’ve been published as a Featured Expert for the launch of a brand new online publication: Happier Healthier Women.


My article titled “Dreams in the Drawer: The Story of Pastarelli Got Out” is featured under the Personal Growth category, along with eight other experts in their respective fields covering the following topics:

  • Money Matters
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting
  • Nutrition
  • Relationships

I invite you to subscribe today to this free online magazine by visiting www.HappierHealthierWomen.com, read my article (it starts on page 20) and let me know your thoughts!

Subscription is free and this is a monthly, full-color, downloadable magazine. The editor, Angie, does an absolutely bang-up beautiful job!

You can read an excerpt at http://happierhealthierwomen.com/dreams-in-the-drawer-how-the-story-of-pastarelli-got-out/ and you can also subscribe from that same page!

I’m truly excited to be a part of this publication and having my passion spread worldwide!

Kim Galloway
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