Failure Alert: You {Can’t} Write a Book In a Few Days (It really does take longer!)

I’m getting on my personal soap box here…

You CANNOT write a message-driven book in just a few days.

There. I said it. Whew.

You see, I believe that you need time to percolate on your Message. It’s okay to need the time to LEARN how to tell stories. And that nothing is wrong with you if you need more thinking time, write slowly, or can’t get your thoughts out under an insane deadline.

Like writing a book in two days…
Or a few weeks!

I ALSO know that odds are good you’ve TRIED those “write super-fast” courses and programs. The 10 Chapter Book Template.

And they MAY work for writing an opt-in gift or white paper.

But they DON’T work for writing a message-driven book. One that shares your heart and soul with the reader.

A book that tells YOUR story – and lets your precious reader know that they aren’t alone.

You’re not a failure if those other programs didn’t work for you.

You need a different way. A way that WORKS for authors who don’t want to spend years – but do want to spend months.

It’s at your fingertips in my PROVEN course, “Finally Write Your Book.”

One of the things I was VERY careful to craft in the course is that it’s designed to do in cracks of time – about 15 minutes a day – to develop a writing habit that will last a lifetime.

AND you have lifetime access to the course – so you can do it at your own pace, return to lessons again and again, AND still get support from me in a monthly Q&A call AND a student’s only Facebook group.

We start with my proven system – not just the STEPS themselves but also HOW they are delivered, in “Baby Bird Bite” lessons that are designed to be watched and DONE in about 15 minutes a day.

As you learn and do… that automatically creates a daily writing habit that translates into WRITING your book.

“Step 5: WRITING Your Book” is where you take the learn/do habit that you’ve already developed, apply all my tricks, tips, and habits to staying in the writing flow and apply it to writing YOUR book – with your schedule.

No matter how busy you are…
… if you have small kids.
… if you have ADHD.
… if you’ve never been successful in the past.

And before you know it, you’ll have your book COMPLETED.

I’m giving you the walk through of my COMPLETE and PROVEN book-writing system in my free virtual training, “5 Proven Steps to FINALLY Write Your Book.”

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