Don’t Use Your “Signature Talk” to Write Your Book (It’s a bad idea – here’s why!)

For YEARS now, it’s been floating around the coaching industry that the best way to write your book is to simply take your “signature talk” and put it in your book. Some “book writing companies” even go as far as saying they’ll record you giving your talk, transcribe it, clean it up, and that’s your book.

I’m calling false.

This is a TERRIBLE idea!


Because your talk, sometimes called a signature talk, your webinar, preview call, or a speak to sell talk, serves a very different purpose than a book.

These talks are designed to position you as an expert, give some WHY the person should do what you say, tease the HOW you get results, and then invite them to buy from you.

Want to know what else does that?

A sales page.

Your book is NOT a long-form sales letter!

Your book is NOT a long-form sales letter. Don't write it that way! Do THIS instead. Share on X

Your book SHOULD be used to encourage people to work with you more closely – if that’s your thing. (For many of my authors, they don’t HAVE coaching program, products, or “stuff” for a reader to buy.)

AND your book should be the complete step in The Solution Sequence.

Meaning, they come with a problem, challenge, or desire. And your book delivers the solution. Your book can also hint what comes NEXT – their next problem, challenge, or desire. And in creating hunger for the next step, leads to work with you. (Knowing what goes in the book, and what doesn’t, to create that hunger for the next step is called the Pizza Slices Process.)

A HUGE part of writing your book IS knowing what goes in it… and what doesn’t. That goes hand-in-hand with knowing how your reader will progress on The Solution Sequence (which is unique to every author’s perfect reader’s process.) And it also goes hand-in-hand with how you want your readers to be changed AFTER they read your book. Along with what you want their next step to be – which may be working with you more closely. Or it might be working with the next mentor in their journey. (Or no mentor at all, depending on your book!)

I’m going into all this and more in my free class, “The Proven 5-Step System to Finally Write Your Book” and YOU can register.

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