Does being published increase your credibility?

Have you ever thought about how the words “published author” after an expert’s name increases their perceived credibility?

Think about it…

Look for it as you’re browsing Facebook, visiting websites, or reading emails…

100615-PublishedAuthorThose two little words instantly raise the person in our mind to the level of EXPERT. For a lot of people “published author” means the expert status is right up there with Doctor (PhD or MD).

This is true inside the expert industry of coaches and mentors and it is even more impressive in other industries. Imagine two professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc., who each have the same amount of education, same degrees, same training. But Doctor A is a published author and Doctor B isn’t.

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Which do you think has more of a perceived expert status? Doctor A! (Even though they really have the same credentials and training.)

In the eyes of a perspective client, credibility makes a huge difference!

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always an overt difference. It’s not like somebody wakes up and says, “I’m only going to hire a CPA who’s written a book. Any CPA who hasn’t isn’t an expert.”

But the power of “published author” can and does make a subtle difference in the minds of clients and prospects. Published author = credibility. After all, you wrote the book on it, you must me an expert!

What about anthologies? Do they have the same impact?

Great question!

They do and they don’t…

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For the ability to say “published author” after your name, it works the same. Most prospects are interested in the fact that you’re a published author – not exactly the details of your book or inclusion in an anthology.

However, if you’re working in the expert industry of coaches, consultants, and mentors – there are a lot of anthologies out there! It’s a great place to start, and is an easier road to publication for most people since you only have to produce a chapter, but many people know the difference between the two.

To completely maximize your credibility, impact, and reach, you need to publish a book with ONLY your name on the cover! This means that you not only have enough knowledge to fill a book, but also that you have the inspiration to stick through it for a whole book.

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