Do You Want to Be an Author AND a Speaker?

Let’s face it, books and speaking go hand-in-hand. Many of my authors dream of speaking to audiences and sharing their messages. Ideally also being able to sell books, gain clients, and build their impact.

Is that you too?

It is me!

My first “gig” was when I was about five years old, speaking from stage for the school talent show. (I recited a milk commercial with a very unwilling fifth grade boy. All he had to do was stand there and scowl – he was marvelous!)

It wasn’t until years after that I realized… the reason he didn’t want to do it was that MOST people are afraid of public speaking. (Even though he didn’t have to say a word!)

Is that you too?

I’ve always loved speaking from stage. And yes, people ask if I can sing, dance, or act. The answer is no to all three. I only sing for my kids, can barely walk without falling over, and have only acted in class plays in school!

What I do have that so many people don’t have is this:

Speaker training.

And no, that doesn’t mean voice lessons! Speaker training isn’t about correctly pronouncing words or memorizing long speeches. It’s about bringing the best of your qualities to the forefront and elevating them, turning up the dial, so you can capture the hearts of your audience – in the back of a huge auditorium, in an intimate room, or through a webcam.

Thankfully, being a good speaker is something that you can learn.

And I’ve sourced JUST the person to teach you:

Jase Sounder.

Jase Souder is a nationally recognized public speaker, best-selling author, and entertainer, and he’s the Founder of World Class Speaker Academy.

Jase believes that you have a God-given mission and it can be fulfilled and funded through your business.

Now read that sentence again and tell me: doesn’t that sound EXACTLY like what I say about your message?!

Jase spoke last month at Brew Your Book Live. It was a great presentation, packed with value, so I asked him if he would also speak to my whole list. And he agreed (although it took some orchestration to find a time in his schedule – he’s a sought-after speaker!)

Jase founded the World Class Speaker Academy to help entrepreneurs change the world by becoming World Class Speakers who create massive impact, raving fans and a rush of new clients with every presentation. And now he’s going to teach YOU the secrets of being a great presenter.

Register Here

The live workshop is Tuesday, May 10 at noon Pacific. And yes, I’ll make sure there will be a replay.

During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to become a compelling presenter – using “hidden” techniques like body language, voice variation, and hitting the subconscious targets of the audience.
  • Why stories are the key to capturing the hearts of the audience – and how to get them to take action.
  • The exact formula to move your audience from “eh” to “yes please!”
  • How to share your message from stage without sacrificing who you are as a person.
  • And more!

Jase isn’t about a complicated formula to just sell from stage – what to say in what order using this EXACT five-word phrase.

Jase shows you how to take your own message and your own stories and create a captivating talk that gets results.

Register Here.

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