Do People REALLY Want To Read Your Book?


If you read my newsletter (you DO subscribe, right?) you know I regularly expand my comfort zone: so far in 2014 I’ve:

  • Learned how to rappel
  • Done a 5-day backpacking trip
  • Flown a helicopter
  • Went kayaking on Lake Powell during a holiday weekend
  • Learned how to rock climb
  • And these are just the highlights!

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Tomorrow I’m expanding my business comfort zone: I’m offering my first-ever free training call.

I LOVE speaking from stage. I can’t sing (or dance or act) but I love being handed a microphone! And this is just another “stage” – although I’ll be a voice on the phone instead of in person.

So why is this expanding my business comfort zone?

Because I’m slamming up hard against one of the misconceptions that keep people from writing their book:

Even if I publish it, nobody will read it. Nobody wants to read what I have to write.

I’ll talk about this in more detail on the call but I wanted to give you a “preview” of why people ARE hungry to read your book.

Frankly, there is somebody looking for the information only you can give them. You are an expert in your life. And clearly, you want to share this information with others because you still have the dream of writing a book!

What message are you excited to share? What wisdom, advice, story, insight and gift do you NEED to share?

You may be thinking: I don’t have anything new to say.

But that’s just not true. Let’s look at an industry that is just chock full of authors: Personal Development.

You have HUGE names like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Steven Covey, Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, John C. Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many, many more. Many of these authors don’t really say anything that is all that different from what everybody else is saying.

But each author says it in his or her own way. And that message will resonate with different readers.

No matter how much of a niche you write in or how few people you think are searching for your information, there is somebody looking for you to make a difference in their life!

I had to really think about this as I’m preparing for my training call tomorrow. Sure, I’m NOT the only person advocating writing a publishing a book to build your business. I’m not the only expert who talks about self-publishing, or mindset, or how a book is THE key to claiming your expertise.

But what I am – is me. I’m the only one who has my ideas, opinions, and most importantly: HISTORY. When I’m sharing this information with my clients in my one-on-one calls, I tap into all the things that make my take on this topic unique.

And you will do that in your book! You’ll give your readers a view that is completely unique and will make a difference in their lives.

This is a very small sample of what I’ll be covering in my training. I invite you to join me – you’ll learn some rockin’ tips AND you’ll get to listen in, first-hand, as I expand my comfort zone!


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