Did You Miss Quitter’s Day?

It’s the 18th of January. How are your writing efforts going so far for the year?

Let me guess:

  • You’re back at your everyday life.
  • Most of the Christmas decorations are safely stored away.
  • You’ve settled in to the “routine” of the 50 weeks out of the year that are NOT around Christmas and New Years.

And you’re occasionally thinking about the goals you set in early January, your goal for your book among them, but you’re not exactly taking action.


Yep, me too!

Quitter’s day is officially the second Friday in January.

And no, it’s not the day where you think to yourself, “Nope! I’m out. I quit.” And go back to the status quo. But it is the day – or weekend – where the goals you set for yourself quietly start to slip away.

I’ve got the BEST news for you though:

Neither January 1 NOR the second Friday in January ACTUALLY have any power in your life!

Neither one is a magical, mystical, mysterious Start or End date.

They are just that… days. Like any other.

It’s not too late to get into motion for your book (or any other goal!) in 2022. Or even in this year of your life. You’re not too old, the year isn’t too far gone, it’s not too close to the start of Q2 or March Madness or mercury retrograde or vacation season or National Banana Day. (That’s a “real” thing. It’s April 20.)

I’m right there with you, friend.

I have Big Goals for 2022. (Yes, with capital letters.)

AND my early January was different than I imagined. I made moves in my business that when it came time to DO THE THING, I realized… it wasn’t the RIGHT thing. It wasn’t the right move. So I’m settling into the feeling of preparation and planning.

I had these grand plans of bringing you a 5-Day Writing Challenge – in January. And you know what? The LAST time I did a 5-Day Writing Challenge it was in OCTOBER! And people got great results. So that was proof-positive that it didn’t NEED to be in January.

I will, however, remind you that while January 1 has no special significance, neither does today. That means that it’s just as easy to begin today as it is to begin on June 27. But imagine WAITING from January to June! That’s nearly six months of inaction. Think of all the words (pages!) you could write between now and then.

Leave me a comment below and tell me one action you’re going to take, today, that will get you into motion toward your goal of finally writing your book.

Kim Galloway
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