What DEFINES “Published Author”

Have you ever wondered, “Am I still a published author if I was only published in an anthology?”

Interesting question, isn’t it. And it’s one that I get asked regularly. Makes me wonder, in what world are you not a published author if you’re “only” published in an anthology?!

(I have stronger feelings about online magazines or even print magazines but to me – a book is a book!)

Of COURSE you’re a published author!

That being said, being published in an anthology may or may not bring you the credibility, visibility, and perceived expert status that you’re looking for.

So many people have seen the “pay to play” model of anthologies where the book is comprised of people who have paid to have their chapter in the book.

Unlike a more traditional anthology where the authors were hand-selected or won a writing contest – with no fees to be in the book. My first four publications were in anthologies like this and the two anthologies that I edited (here and here) had no fees to the authors.

Is the perceived credibility and expert status the same if you bought your place in the book?


Maybe not.

The best news is that anthologies are a great place to get your start as “published author.”

There is a credibility boost when you can say: “I co-authored ABC book.” But only if you’re proud of the finished book! Some of those pay-to-play anthologies aren’t the best fit for your future if you’re not proud of the end result.

And let’s be really honest:

Having a solo book is the best way to take your credibility, expertise, and flat-out mojo to the next level.

There’s a big difference in the way it feels to YOU: holding a book where you’re one of many verses holding a book with YOUR name (and only YOUR name) on the cover.

So let’s get to writing YOUR book.

Kim Galloway
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