Daily Actions for Bootstrapping Your Book

This is far more than saving money! It’s also about saving time. Because while you can write your book but putting one word on the page after another, that road is long, time consuming, and lonely.

Take my client Holly, for example. She started her memoir over ten years ago. Holly is a skilled author and has written books before. The memoir was something close to her heart – that shared her message in an intimate way. No room to “screw it up” or to get out there with “good enough.”

Holly’s natural writing skills pulled her through the first three chapters.

And then…

Crickets. The book sat on her hard drive for YEARS.

Then Holly and I found each other. (We’d actually been business acquaintances for a while at that point!) Once Holly had my proven system, the one I teach in my course, Finally Write Your Book, she was able to finish the book in a matter of months.

After struggling for YEARS.

Bootstrapping to save money is GREAT! And there are hard-cost expenses with writing your book like editing, formatting, and cover design. Many of these can be farmed out to low-cost vendors like Fiverr (although you do need to fully vet any contractor, just like you would with any other project.)

The one place where you can’t hire it out is writing your book.

(Yes, you can hire a ghostwriter. The best start at about $30,000 and go up from there!)

You’ve got write your book yourself. You need to put in the thinking time, the time to organize and structure the book, and the quality time where the pencil meets the page – writing it.

So where do you bootstrap writing it?

By joining the course, Finally Write Your Book.

This course will bring you small, daily actions that teach you how to write your book. And it’s not just endless writing exercises that build your skills but not your page count! Everything in the course is designed to take you from idea to written book – quickly.

You no longer have to struggle for months or years – you can write your message-driven book easily.

There will be a Flash Sale happening September 22-23 so get on the waitlist!

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