Clear Braces and Marketing a Book: The Weird Similarities

I had braces as a kid. And like all adolescents – I really didn’t like them much. It wasn’t my choice and while my teeth really did look great after treatment, it was several years of not a lot of fun.

Especially when I had to wear the elastics—itty bitty rubber bands—that put extra pressure on certain teeth. I knew I needed to wear them and yet… resisted. Once they were finally off, my mom told me that if my teeth moved because I didn’t wear my retainer, it was on me to fix them. Braces were a one-time gift from my folks, so don’t mess it up!

There’s a huge difference between knowing you need to do a thing and knowing when and how to do it. Click To Tweet

I wore my nighttime retainer religiously, every other night, until I got pregnant with Small Thing. Then, I just couldn’t handle having something extra in my mouth. (I also couldn’t handle mint toothpaste, browned butter, or tea!) So I stopped wearing the retainer. And my teeth moved.

Last month, I made the decision to pursue cosmetic clear braces to correct the minor movement my teeth have experienced. I was so excited last Tuesday when they arrived!


I’m struggling to wear them.

This time around, braces were my decision. (Hence the CLEAR ones!) I invested my own money and I’m investing at least five months of wear to get it done.

I know I’m supposed to wear them for 22 hours a day. I knew that going in.

But knowing what I’m supposed to do and doing it are two different stories.

Kind of like the marketing for your book, right? (Or the process of writing it!)

You know that you need to have consistent efforts to spread your message so that the right people can be reached. Efforts that will increase your book sales, bring you new clients, and change the lives of your readers.

And yet…

You’re struggling to do the marketing.

If you’re like so many of the authors I work with, the challenge isn’t knowing you need to do more marketing. The challenge is that you don’t know how to market, what to say, and where to say it.

There’s a huge difference between knowing you need to do a thing and knowing when and how to do it. That’s where mentorship and guidance comes in and really makes a difference.

Back to my teeth…

This first set of aligners was SHREDDING my gums, lips, and tongue. Instead of trying to figure it out on my own, I called the toll-free number and SPOKE to an expert. Trimmed and filed the plastic and things got better.

But I still am struggling to wear them.

So I found mentorship. (Yes, for wearing invisible braces!) I found somebody who was more experienced in the process. Who was able to help me figure out how to continue to trim the aligners, adjust my lifestyle so that I can wear them, and tell me that some of the resistance I’m feeling is normal – and how to combat it so I’ll be successful with my treatment plan and my investment in my smile.

It’s time to stop trying to figure out your book marketing all on your own. It’s time to have guidance in creating a real plan: a plan that lets you know where to market, what to market, and that feels doable to you.

It’s time to stop trying to figure out your book marketing all on your own. Find out more. Click To Tweet

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