Chasing the Dream: Hosting My First Telesummit

091515-TelesummitAll year long, I’ve been wanting to hold a telesummit where writers could come and learn from published authors just what it takes to go from idea to manuscript. After all, what better way to learn than to attend a 3-day virtual “university” and hear from a variety of experts?

What’s a telsummit?

A telesummit is an online multi-speaker event that assembles a series of experts to talk about a specific topic. The speakers are interviewed by you and the online event is launched over the course of a series of days for a large audience.

Definition by Priscilla Stephan

August 1 I set the goal to do this – and to do it THIS year. No more waiting!

(Much like setting the goal to finally write your book – don’t let anything get in your way!)

I started out assembling my “dream team” of experts. They’re not just people who have published books but they’re people who:

  • Are #1 best-selling authors on Amazon
  • Were signed to book deals by a traditional publishing company
  • Grew the business 300%
  • Overcame procrastination
  • Changed lives with their message
  • And so much more!

But most of all, I wanted to learn from them… What do they approach differently than I do when it comes to writing? Publishing? Marketing?

Let me say this: my right arm has been KILLING me – I’ve been taking pages and pages of notes with each expert. And some of these “nuggets” that they’re dropping on me… OMG!

I’ve learned more about writing listening to these experts than probably in ALL the time I spent getting my degree in Creative Writing.


Yep, it’s THAT powerful.

If I had to sum up the Number 1 teaching point it’s this:

Your message has the power to change the world. When you write your book – and send it off into the world – you never know who it will impact and how it will change a life.

But it is a guarantee that it WILL change a life. Starting with yours.

Registration for this event isn’t open yet (still working on the website!) but I wanted to get you thinking.

What is your message?
What have you been thinking of?
What wisdom or story will you share with the world?

This 3-day summit goes far beyond JUST the “standard” way of thinking how can I publish a book to increase my expertise? (Although we do talk about that!)

So put it on your calendar: September 30 – October 2.

Be watching your inbox for when registration opens – you won’t want to miss it. And if you’re not on the email list, be sure to sign up!

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