Can an “Older” Book Still Become a Best-Seller?

I totally understand the quest to be a best-selling author:

  • That title can give you credibility to your readers and to your potential clients.
  • It makes you feel famous.
  • It means your message is REACHING people.

While having a best-selling book is a feather in the cap of any author, it really opens a deeper discussion:

What do you want for your book?

Do you want a “flash in the pan” best-seller that hits the best-sellers list in a genre or three for a few hours or a few days – so you can forever claim the title?

Or do you want a book that stands the test of time and regularly and consistently shares your message, touches readers, and sells copies?

After having had both I’ll take the consistent, message-sharing book any day.

After both a flash-in-the-pan bestseller and a long-lived top-of-the-list bestseller, I'll take the longevity any day. Share on X

With so much emphasis on book launches and when a book is freshly released, what happens to books that are a year old? Or two? Or FIVE?

Can an older book still be a best-seller?

GREAT question!

And it’s one of those questions that make me shiver and say “Yes!” because you understand that you poured your heart and soul into a book and maybe, just maybe, it’s not too late to have it reach people.

So, the answer is (drumroll please)


A book that has been out in circulation for a few months or *gasp* years can still claim a spot on the best-sellers list.

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