Boring Writing Is NOT Impactful

Being boring is the kiss of death to your book. Your reader won’t finish your book and IF they can read it at all, they won’t retain the message you’re trying to share.

My advice:

Don’t be boring.

I just wrapped up a 5-Day Writing Challenge that was ALL about how to use stories in your writing so that you can connect—heart to heart—with your reader.

In a nutshell, it was all about how NOT to be boring. Story-based writing is key to making sure readers keep turning pages so they can experience your message and so your words can touch their lives.

What Makes a Boring Book?

It’s when your reader can’t relate to the material; it doesn’t feel relevant, they can’t imagine themselves in that same situation. There’s no emotional engagement.

And when you’re not grabbing the heart of the reader… you’re certainly not grabbing her mind.

All those beautiful goals you have for her transformation won’t happen because she can’t implement what you’re trying to teach her.

Notice I said can’t.

Not won’t.

She wants the transformation you’re offering. She wants it with both hands, on her knees praying for change.

But if you can’t connect to her soul, she can’t implement the change.

And before you start to cite your flashy acronyms or trademarked 5- or 7-step systems, I want you to tell me about one of those systems YOU’VE learned, memorized, and use.

I can’t do it, even with all the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent in my education.

But what I CAN do is remember dozens of “teaching” stories—from my clients and other authors—and then remember the core of the principles they were teaching.

And that, my friend, is what really matters.

Story is the key. Let’s unlock yours.

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