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Video – Start the New Year Writing

Part of the monthly “Coffee with Kim” video series where I’ll be answering YOUR questions about writing and publishing your non-fiction book. If you want to make 2017 the year you FINALLY write your book, then here are my top three tips to help you start the new year writing!

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If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment on the video! If you’re ready to join a like-minded group of authors who are writing their non-fiction books, then join us in the Facebook group at Finally Write Your Book.

How to Write a Killer Book Title

Your title is the single most important part of your book. Period.

Whew! I said it. Finally.

011017-killertitleI work with authors every day. And I wish that more of them would spend more time working on their book’s title. Or at least listen to my years of hard-won knowledge about what makes a title work and what makes a title a flop.

Public Service Announcement: This article is about titles for non-fiction books!

Sure, your cover is critical, but it’s not as important as your title.

To get more book sales, you MUST have a clear benefit in your book's title. Click To TweetToo many authors think that cutesy is the same as effective.

Or that eye-grabbing is the same as effective.

Or that sensational is the same as effective.

Or that a play-on-words is the same as effective.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

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What’s OUR Plan for 2017?

I spent the last two week mulling this over and I want YOUR input. I know a lot of times it’s my interests and expertise that drive what types of content I provide to you soooooo….

This is your opportunity to tell me what YOU’RE interested in! I’ve got a 7-question survey for you (question 8 is just your name & email). I’ll enter anybody who participates before 1/14/17 in a drawing for an Amazon gift card!
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Honor what Inspires You

Happy LAST Tuesday of 2016!

In the last few days of the year (which has been really hard for a lot of people in a lot of ways) I wanted to challenge you to end the year on a high note:

Reach out to somebody who inspires you.
In these last days of the year - reach out to somebody who inspires you. Click To Tweet
This can be in business, life, or writing. It can be somebody you know personally or a business mentor or author you’ve never met. But what I want you to do is to try to tell them how and why he or she is your inspiration.

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What is the Ideal Chapter Length?

122016-chapter1Have you ever thought about how long a chapter in your non-fiction book should be? I mean really thought about it?

Most people do think about how long the overall book will be (thinking in word count not pages!) but few think about how long a chapter should be.

And while you CAN use a blog post as the basis of a chapter, there are some different guidelines!

1. Chapters don’t all have to be the same length!

Sure, in a “perfect” world, every chapter would be exactly 2.5 pages long. The book would have a beautiful symmetry and every word would be powerful.

And welcome to the REAL world!

Some chapters will be longer because you have more to share about that topic. Some chapters will be shorter because you can be succinct and clear in fewer words.

Get over it.

A chapter should be exactly as long as it needs to be to get your point across clearly – and no longer! Trying to force your chapters to conform to a certain length is a recipe for disaster – you’ll feel shoehorned into an arbitrary length AND your readers will feel the struggle to conform to that size restriction. Your flow will suffer.

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Has Your Idea Fountain Run Dry?

121316-ideafaucetIt happens to the best of us… You go to get a drink at the Idea Fountain only to find somebody didn’t pay the water bill!


Or the fountain is running, but instead of clean, crisp water brimming with wonderful ideas, it’s a stagnant trickle filled with bug legs and slime… and only provides mediocre ideas.

Double Craptastic!

So what do you do?

(And it’s especially painful when you’re looking at a looming deadline, dying of thirst, and that fountain is so dry even the DUST has blown away!)

Try sipping from the idea fountain from a different direction!
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Your {Signed} Permission Slip to Write Badly

Friend, I’m giving you permission.

Permission to write BADLY.

Permission to be terrible, awful, no-good, embarrassing.

I give you permission to SUCK at your writing.

I give you permission to write something that is:

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20 Gifts For Writers– 2016 Edition

Seriously, I’ve been dreaming about this post for weeks now. It’s my FAVORITE post to write. And since a couple of these DID end up under the tree for me last year… I’m not excited to do it again or anything! Nope, not me!

If you’re anything like me, I always get the best shopping ideas from the gift buying lists! Here’s a list of gifts for writers that that are sure to thrill any writer on your list. Or maybe you’ll pick up a gift or two for yourself!

And to make your shopping for the perfect writer’s gift a bit easier, just click on the name of the item to be taken directly to where you can purchase it! (It may or may not be an affiliate link, depending on what’s what!) At the time of publishing the list, all the links work. But as the Internet changes, I can’t guarantee that they’ll all continue to work.

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And be sure to share this post with folks who will be shopping for writers! There are tweets sprinkled throughout and shares on Facebook or Pinterest are ALWAYS great too!

 2016 Gifts For Writer’s Gift Buying Guide:


112916-haikubesSeriously, these things look FUN! Much like Boggle where you roll cubes to make words, here to roll cubes to make POEMS. I’m all about things that help writers tap into creativity and get un-stuck and THIS is it!


I think I might have a previously unknown love of story prompt generators! This card set helps you come up with tons of ideas! Perfect if you need a story prompt to get the juices flowing (or want to give students a prompt).

Pencil Me In Leather Flat

112916-pencilflatsBecause pencil ANYTHING is write up our alley! Now I’m not actually much of a flat girl (hello, hiking boots!) but these… I’d make an exception. How adorable would it be to show up at your next networking event with shoes that CLEARLY declare that you’re a writer?

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Stop Talking and Write Already!

112216-moveonIn the last two weeks, I’ve met with not one, not two, but THREE different people who have been talking and talking about their books.

In fact, they’ve each been talking about their book since 2006.


That’s a DECADE, people.

A decade of thinking about a book… but not writing it.
A decade of researching a book… but not writing it.
A decade of talking about a book… but not writing it.

These three people have one thing in common:

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Pssst… You’re starting your book in the wrong place!

111516-pathWhy is it that you’re convinced that you have to start at the beginning?


Repeat after me:

I do not have to write my book’s introduction FIRST.

In fact, it’s pretty much an all-around bad idea. When you’re just starting your book, you don’t really know exactly what will be in it. You don’t know how you’re going to walk your reader through your ideas and stories. You just don’t know.

So you wander around trying to craft this amazing introduction – and you don’t really know what you’re introducing!

You do not have to write your book's introduction FIRST. Click To Tweet

No wonder you’re frustrated.

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