Best Snacks to Fuel Your Writing

Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, health coach, or doctor (and I don’t play them on TV.)

That being said…

A writer’s gotta EAT.

Writing needs major brain fuel – and without a snack PLAN I either much mindlessly on chips OR wait until my stomach is growling SO LOUD I can’t even think.

Writing needs major brain fuel – and without a snack PLAN is a dangerous option. Find the best snacks for authors here. Share on X

Friend, NEITHER is a good option.

The best snacks have:

  1. Protein
  2. Carb
  3. Healthy fat

AND can be enjoyed at your desk – so you don’t have to STOP writing.

Just before my wedding I hired a GREAT health coach to help get me into shape – not drop pounds or fit into the dress – but because my mind and body were 100% out of sync. I felt sluggish in both mind AND body.

She helped me get back on track, figure out food pairings that worked for me, and exercises that weren’t crazy (but got great results.)

Unfortunately, Kristen is no longer working in the health-coach space (and I’ve yet to find a sane, fun coach to recommend.) BUT I do have a copy of her 31 High Energy Snacks list from 2015 that I STILL munch off of today!

Get The List

Please note that none of the links will work; that doesn’t mean the information isn’t a good starting point!

Snack on my writer friend!

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