Authors Need to Network Too (How to get into Kim’s personal database of resources!)

I’m always on the lookout to bring you great resources. HOW do I do that?

Through concentrated networking. Both in person and through virtual efforts. Why?

Because I love being a connector!

  • Have a podcast and need somebody who loves to knit? I know somebody!
  • Telesummit for boosting immune health? I’ve got three people you need to meet!
  • Need to know about Facebook ads? Two people depending on if you’re DIY or done-for-you.

My network is HUGE. And it’s what makes my clients’ book launches so successful. I’m able to introduce them to people they need to know.

So I’m bringing you another resource, ~Contact.FirstName~. It’s called “Collaborate Live!” from Rich German and Iman Aghay. (I’ve met Iman personally, taking a class from him, heard him speak – he’s the real deal!) This event isn’t just for networking; it TEACHES you how to make strategic, win-win partnerships.

Why is this important?

  • So you can get your message out there in a bigger way!
  • So you can build your email list.
  • So you can help the people you’re meant to help.

You’ve got three steps:

1. Register for the free ticket here >>>

2. Upgrade to the $47 VIP Ticket so you can attend the networking portions of the event.

3. (BONUS) After the event, you and I will jump on a 15-minute “interview” where I’ll learn about you so you can be part of MY trusted network – and I’ll happily introduce you to people who will need you. (They may be potential interviews, JV partners, clients, etc.)

Here’s the fine print:

You’ve got to register and PAY for the event through my link. I want to KNOW you’ll be a good partner for my people; and that starts by investing in learning HOW to be a good partner.

The deadline for you to register AND do the VIP Upgrade, using my link, is November 10. (They also track through Infusionsoft so I know it’s solid!)

Here’s to building our connections so we can all thrive!

Kim Galloway
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