Author Story: Rick Polito

In my career as an author and now as a publisher, I’ve heard too many stories of authors who have given up on their manuscript. They got too many rejections. It just couldn’t be sold. It wouldn’t make enough money in the mass market.

For every story that you hear of the “overnight” success of an author who finally had a book published after twenty or thirty rejections there are hundreds of other authors who had to abandon the dream.

Does this mean that they were inferior? Or that the dream was inferior?

Nope. It simply means that at some point an author has to look at her time and say: I believe in this story but I have to live my life as well. I have to work or write another project or take care of my family or… Whatever. It’s time to stop pursuing a publishing contract.

And then there’s one Colorado author who realized that you don’t have to chase a publishing contract to have wild success. You can take matters into your own hands.

Rick Polito, author of Dark Shift, did it. In an article he gave to Claire Martin of the Marin Independent Journal, Polito said: “My agent was excited, but she was unable to sell [the book]”.


Even after having an agent who believed in him, Polito was turned down by traditional publishers. But Polito’s Dark Shift is making waves on as a self-published eBook.

Read the full article about Rick Polito in the Marin Independent Journal.

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