Are you writing a book in 2016?

011916-FinallyWriteBookIs “Write My Book” on your list of goals for 2016?

Or should I ask you, is it on your list AGAIN this year?

Trust me, I understand what it’s like to have a goal (or a to do item) that just keeps appearing – day after day, week after week, even year after year. After a while, you start to wonder what’s wrong with you!

Where are you going wrong that a smart, driven, successful person just can’t GET IT DONE?

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Finally writing your book isn’t like other goals of losing weight, saving more money, or taking a vacation. Those type of goals have clear steps…

  • Lose weight: Move more, eat less. Maybe join a gym.
  • Save more money: fewer lattes and put the cash in a savings account (could also help with #1)
  • Take a vacation: pick a date, find a location, book a flight. Ah, relax!

All these goals have steps that leap out and say, HERE! This is your path to success.

But writing a book…

That can feel like endlessly staring at the blinking cursor, not knowing where to start. And when you’re not sure where to start – and the steps to take – it makes achieving that goal seem impossible. And what seems so hard, creates the hardship.

So “write a book” ends up moving from one month to the next – from 2015 to 2016 to 2017 and beyond.

But when you do have a clear path to follow, writing a book becomes so much easier. You’re able to FINALLY write your book. Whew!

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And THAT is why I’m starting off 2016 with a free training call to give you the first step you need to take to successfully write your book. Just register at

It’s free! And it will get you started on your book writing dream – the right way.

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