Are You Using Stinkin’ Thinkin’ as an Excuse Not to Write?

It’s not a newsflash that I love my watercolor paints. I spend time every single day thinking about painting. Ideally, I spend time every day also, actually, PAINTING.

Sometimes I even dream about it at night…

When I started this watercolor journey, I really wanted to be able to paint for hours at a time. Uninterrupted. In the flow.

However, I was physically able to SIT for about 15 minutes at a time. (Surgery-gone-sideways, October 2020.)

Then as I could sit for longer periods of time, my days also filled up with getting back to the tasks of motherhood, chores, and my business.

For a while, I wasn’t painting AT ALL because if I could only do it for 20 or 25 minutes, it wasn’t “worth” it.

What stinkin’ thinkin’!

Most days, Ben is able to help me grab the time between Little Bean going to bed and the time dinner is ready. Approximately… 20 minutes.

And in those near-daily 20 minutes, I have been able to complete DOZENS of paintings. But more than that, I’ve clocked about 75 HOURS of pure enjoyment.

Because I changed my stinkin’ thinkin’ about how it wasn’t “worth” painting if I couldn’t do it for long stretches of time.

The same is true for your writing.

Yes, you may WANT to write for two HOURS a day. But writing for 15 minute a day, every day, can actually get you MORE writing done than scrambling to find two uninterrupted hours in your week.

The math

15 x 7 = 1.75 hours actually COMPLETED.


2 hours that you tried (and maybe couldn’t) find.

So let me ask you:

Where will you find fifteen minutes today to work on your writing?

Kim Galloway
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