Are you still a published author if you’re part of an anthology?

A question was asked of me last week:

Am I still a published author if I was only published in an anthology?

And I about fell off my chair in shock! In what world are you not a published author if you’re “only” published in an anthology?!

(I might have stronger feelings about online magazines or even print magazines but to me – a book is a book!)

Of COURSE you’re a published author! My first four publications were in anthologies.

032415-BooksThe real difference comes in the perceived credibility in your client’s mind with the difference between being published in an anthology verses in a solo book. I have two stories published in an anthology series called “Fantastical Visions” – I’ve got stories in books 3 & 4. But my name (or any other author’s name) isn’t on any of the Amazon pages.

(Granted this is for fantasy fiction and NOT something that folks would be searching for me under but still!)

Whereas an search for my name shows the 14 books I’ve solo-authored. When I’m on the phone with a prospect who asks if I’VE written and published any books of my own… Well it makes a difference to say yes!

Anthologies are a great place to start your published author career! There’s a credibility boost to your expert level to say: “I was an author of XYZ book” or “I co-authored ABC book” so this is something you absolutely should be proud of.

When you’re ready to do all the writing yourself branching out to a solo book is the best way to take your credibility, expertise, and flat-out mojo to the next level.

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Plus, there’s a big difference in the way it feels: holding a book where you’re one of many verses holding a book with YOUR name (and only YOUR name) on the cover.

So are you ready? Let’s chat about where you’re at with your project, how ghostwriting or coaching might be just the boost you need!

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