Are You Procrastinating or Are Your Tired?

I’ll admit it:

I’m not the best at “self-care.”

I do my best to eat well, sleep as much as I can, and move my bones every day.

I also do my best to not let clients down, meet my deadlines, and power through the regular case of the “I-don’t-wannas” that are part of the human condition.

It all begs the questions:

Just where IS the line between needing a rest-reboot and kidding yourself that watching another episode of “Fixer Upper” isn’t really just avoiding a looming project or impending deadline?

Here are the three questions I ask myself:

1. If I stopped working for the day, right now, would this keep me up at night?

If I get a “yes” to that question—no matter what time of day it is—then I set my timer for 20 minutes and get as much done as I can in that time frame. Sometimes, even when I’m tired, just getting STARTED brings me a burst of “get er done” energy.

And if I don’t that burst of energy, I sleep better knowing that I did SOMETHING to move it forward.

2. Do I need food? Water? A bathroom break?

Remember my motto: Eat, You’ll Feel Better. When I’m feeling like I need a rest-reboot, sometimes I really do need fuel! And maybe it’s just me, but I REALLY can’t think when I also need to pee.

When we’re looking at self-care, never underestimate your most basic needs!

3. Am I bone-deep tired?

This is the type of tired that has me cruising Pinterest looking at pictures of beaches. When I’m imagining myself on a lounge chair with a fruity drink and an ocean breeze, I know 100% that I’m done. It’s time to clock out for some R&R. (Hint: I don’t even LIKE beaches!)

This isn’t the type of tired that is fixed by a good night’s rest or a hit of caffeine. It’s the absolute knowledge that you need a vacation (whatever that looks like for you) and you need it NOW.

In that case, when you’re not just avoiding your writing project or are secretly trying to push through the fact that you’re hungry and thirsty, then it’s time for a real rest-reboot time frame.

Here’s the thing though:

Don’t binge watch Netflix and THINK you’re actually resting and rebooting your brain, your soul, and your creativity!

This is where you need to book yourself some real recharge time—and go do that!

Yes, it might be an afternoon in your home spa (aka, bathtub and fluffy robe) or it might be a day at a real spa (with a massage!)

For me, it’s getting out into nature. Doing a hike, going backpacking, looking at Big Scenery. Smelling the mountain air, laying in spider-filled grass, eating a smore. (Keep the beaches! The REAL Kim just isn’t into them!)

The only person who can really answer the question between rest-reboot and procrastination is you. But when you implement questions 1 & 2, you’ll kick the lethargy and procrastination to the curb.

P.S. In the days after this year’s live event… I’m tired. I’ve had a few days off, a massage, and a short hike. And… I’m still tired. I’ll be taking some more time off this weekend to recharge.

Kim Galloway
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