Are You Fresh OUT of Ideas?

It happens to the best of us … You go to get a drink at the Idea Fountain only to find somebody didn’t pay the water bill!


Or the fountain is running, but instead of clean, crisp water brimming with wonderful ideas, it’s a stagnant trickle filled with bug legs and slime … and only provides mediocre ideas.

Double Craptastic!

So what do you do?

If the Idea Fountain has completely dried up, try using it for something else and maybe an idea will float to the surface!
For me, this is often hitting Pinterest looking for crafting idea. I RARELY complete (or even start!) a craft but just grabbing some random “supplies” and doing a Pinterest search to see what I can make with them can get me thinking in different directions.

Often, I don’t actually have to DO the alternative creative idea – I just have to relax the “word creativity” portion of my brain and let a different creativity center take over for a while.

Here’s another trick:

Keeping a sketch book and a box of crayons next to where you watch TV. Instead of surfing Facebook while you “watch” TV, draw, doodle, or make lists!

Speaking of making lists …

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Get the workbook.

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